Learn How to write Going Back to School Letter of Resignation Samples

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Going Back to School Resignation Letter Examples. Checkout below some letter of resignation for going back to school
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It may happen in your professional career that you want to take a break from your professional career and want to pursue your education. If this is so, you are on the right track, and you must inform your employer personally about your plans that you are going to take a break from your professional life.

Then you can follow it up with two weeks' notice of resignation letter. As you are going to pursue your education and have planned to go back to school or university, in that case, most, but not all, employers require two weeks' notice of your resignation, but you should come forward, and as a responsible professional you should submit your resignation letter.

In your resignation letter, you must specify explicitly about your last date of employment in the company as it will help your business or employer to plan out the things during your final days in the office. If you are unable to write the resignation letter, you can also inform your immediate boss or employer about your resignation through email.

While sending an email, you should keep in mind that the subject should have your name followed by "Resignation." You can write an email resignation message if you are working remotely or don't have much time to write the resignation letter.


The things which you should include in your Going Back to School Letter of Resignation

The most important thing which your resignation letter should consist of is your date when you have planned to leave the workplace or company. Specifying your resignation date in your letter will help your immediate employer or boss to plan out the things during this transition period. 

Your employer may get time to arrange your replacement and work out the remaining elements or tasks which are given to you. Specifying the date also helps you to place your positive image in the eyes of your immediate employer or boss, as you may require their references in the future.

It is not necessary to provide your reason for resignation in details in your letter, but when you have the plan to take the resignation as you want to go back to school, in that case, you can provide your resignation letter.

Providing appropriate notice to your immediate boss or employer is very necessary as it will bring you into the right books of your employer. In the professional or corporate world, nobody knows when you are going to have their help in having references, as you are leaving the company or taking resignation for a good reason.

It may also be possible that your former employer will take you back after the completion of your education as you are further enhancing your skills and upgrading your knowledge.      

You should also mention your gratitude, and you should be thankful in your resignation letter for the opportunity the company has provided you to work with them, which further enhanced your knowledge and skills and essential for your personal and professional growth.

You should also offer your help in your resignation letter during your last days in the office or workplace, you can help your immediate boss or employer with finding the right candidate, or you can also train the new candidate in your last days who is going to replace you.

When you are returning to school to pursue your education and gaining new skills to advance in your current profession, always keep in mind if you present boss or employer like your professionalism.

He will surely go to refer you to many other professional opportunities, and it may also be possible that your old employer will re-hire you.

The tone in your letter should always be positive, and with thankful words as resignation is not the opportunity for you to mention your past grievances or complaints, but it is a chance for you to have a positive impact of yours. You should always have positive words and phrases in your resignation letter.

It may be possible that you had some bad experiences in your company or the workplace, but still, you should have a positive tone in your resignation letter because, in the professional and corporate world, nobody knows when in the future you will cross the paths with your former employer.

If you don't have time to write a resignation letter and want to send an email resignation message, then in subject lines, you should write - "Your Name" followed by "Resignation." some remote employees also can send emails resignation messages to current employer.


Going back to school Letter of Resignation Sample #1

Below you will find the sample of the resignation letter, especially when you have decided to go back to school and quit your job:

Name of Your Employer

Mention His Post

Company Name

Address Line 1

City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name

Please accept this letter as my resignation from "Company Name" from the post of "Mention Your Post," my last date in the company will be the 17th of September 20XX. I have planned to go back to school and pursue my mathematics degree. (Mention name of school or university)

I would like to thank you for the opportunities which you have provided me during my tenure of three years; I also like to express my gratitude for the guidance I got from you and my seniors in my tenure, which enhanced my professional and personal growth. I enjoyed working at "Company Name" and miss all my colleagues and team members.

Please let me know if I can help you or provide my assistance during my last days in the office; I would also like to help you in finding the right candidate or can also train the new candidate who is going to work in my place.

Finally, I would like to thank you once again for everything; I hope we will be in contact in the future too. My best wishes will always be with the company.

Respectfully Yours,

Signature ( If it is a printed or hard copy letter)

Your Name



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