Learn How to Write Board Resignation Letter Examples

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Board Resignation Letter Examples. Checkout some examples below for Board Resignation Letter Templates.
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When you are into the very responsible and high post in the company, like you are one of the board members and you have decided to take resign from the company, then also you need to provide a professional resignation letter.

Most the board positions are unpaid, but that does not mean that it won't be compensated when you have decided to quit, as you have worked the long for providing many opportunities to the company, also through your contact you have done reasonable marketing which affected the performance of the company at some level.

Being on the board also increases the value of your resume, as it shows that you are willing to get involved in managing a crucial role for the company as well at shows that you are very interested in affecting the change in the community.

You should take resigning from being the member of the board very seriously as you take any other resignation; in your resignation letter, you must express your thanks for being provided the opportunity to be one of the members and express your best wishes to others members for the growth of the endeavor.

Like any other resignation letter, it is advisable to keep your words and tone very positive while writing the resignation letter; don't let your words affected by the surrounding circumstances. It is possible that you need to interact with other members in the very near future so always try to leave on a positive impression as you have made a first positive impression.

Below you will find the examples of resignation letter when you have decided to resign as a board member. Your resignation letter also contains two very important things like the effective date of your resignation and the reason for leaving as one of the board members.


Board Resignation Letter Sample #1

Mention Your Name
Address Line 1
Include City, State, Zip Code


Name of the Employer
Post Name
Name of Organization or Company

Address Line 1
City, State, Zip Code



Dear "Name of Employer,"

I writing this letter with regret to make you inform that I have decided to resign from my position on the Board of "Name of The Company or Organization," my resignation will be effective immediately.

As with my increased other commitments, I won't be able to give optimum time and able to fulfill the requirements of my position on the Board. I sincerely feel that I should make way for someone who can really devote his time and energy as one of the Board members, and it will be beneficial for the company too.

Please don't get hesitate if you need me to provide any help like finding the right candidate for the job, or you need me to train my replacement for the post.

Best Regards,
Your Signature (If it is printed or hard copy resignation letter)
Your Name


Board Resignation Email Message Sample #2

It is more convenient to send your resignation notice via email, especially when you don't have time to write a resignation letter. Make sure to use proper "subject line" in your resignation email message as it will make the reader understand what is email is all about.

Subject: Resignation - Followed by your name.

It has been my pleasure to be a part of a board member of ABC Company and enjoyed my work tenure during my last four years under your able and strong leadership. I am sure the goals which we set for board members will be easily reached by the efficient, dedicated, and talented members of the board.

I am writing this email message to make your notice that I have decided to leave my position as a board member as I want to explore new opportunities in other areas of my career. 

Please consider my resignation to be effective from 30th July 20XX. Until that time, I am happy to provide my services and time to the board and will help you to find the appropriate replacement so that it won't affect the smooth working of the company.

You must be having many candidates or some prospects in your mind to fill up the position I am leaving, but if you like to take my help on this, please do not hesitate to ask for my help. I will also provide training for my replacement if required.

Best Wishes

Your Name
Your Email Address
Your Contact Number


Further Details & Tips For Email Resignation Message

You can also refer to many other email resignation message, which we have provided in our previous articles to have more idea about email resignation. It is also advisable to double-check your email resignation message, proofread it, and follow the proper format and structure of the email resignation message.

Always include relevant and required information in your resignation email message, you don't need to go into many details until and unless it is required. 

Always use positive words and phrases in your email resignation messages and always keep in mind your resignation is a chance for you to leave a positive impression in your last days, it may have happened that you have encountered some really bad situations in the workplace, but this is not the time to be complaining.

Be positive in your tone, be thankful for the opportunities company has provided you to work with them, and also express your gratitude for the guidance you have got during your work tenure as it enhanced you with professional and personal growth.

Always bear in mind that the above resignation letter and email resignation message, is just for your guidance, you are free to improvise it with your circumstances and situations while writing your resignation letter or email resignation message.

The provided samples of resignation letter and email messages is not guaranteed for legality and accuracy as it is only for your guidance and every company and organization have their own rules and legalities, but on the broad spectrum, it will provide you with proper formatting and guidelines which you can follow.  


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