Career Change Letter of Resignation Example

This is the way to provide the resignation letter when you are planning to change the career
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You have finally decided that you are going to take a resignation, and you have also informed the HR department about your resignation with two weeks' notice.

But before you pack up everything and ready to set off for a new career opportunity is always advisable that you should provide your employer with a formal resignation letter as it will help him to maintain employee file.

Some employers or organization requires it as a part of the conventional exit process to have evidence that you are moving on to a career change and voluntarily terminating your employment.  

Also providing formal resignation letter to your employer will also affect on your remaining two weeks' in the office, and it will also change the relationship with your employer and team members in remaining days of you at the office and even your relations with the company in the future or after your termination.

Your career change resignation will be dormant in the HR department as it is considered as a prominent process, but when you also provide a copy of your resignation to your immediate boss or employer he will be impressed and help in keeping relations healthy, and he is the one who can be your potential future reference.

In the corporate world, no one knows then your old employer or immediate boss will become your new client or boss in the future as you crossed the path in the future.


Career Change Letter of Resignation Essentials

Your career change resignation letter should be simple, brief, to the point and should cover four essential elements as given below:

  • The Date of Your Submission - The date of your submission of the letter with being evidence that you have submitted or given two weeks' notice to your employer or organization.
  • A Formal Statement Indicating Your Resignation - You should write clearly in your resignation letter that you are going to resign, without any ifs and buts, your resignation statement should be proper, clear and to the point.
  • Your Resigning Date - The date when you are planning to leave the office is also significant, as, in this way, your employer or organization will get time to find your replacement.
  • Provide Signature - Your signature is an essential element of your career change resignation letter as it is a part of format also and your immediate boss or employer won't have any doubt that who is going to resign and appreciate your professionalism.

Besides the above things you can also include the best time which you had in the organization or company with your boss or team members this way, it will always create and set positive impact in your resignation process and even create a good vibe in your remaining days in the office.


The Opening:

You should be very specific while writing the opening of the letter, no need to be creative or dramatic while writing the opening of the message. 

Just specify in your opening lines that the fact you are leaving the current position and your resigning date. It may have possible that you have already discussed your resignation reasons with your immediate boss or employer personally, so no need to elaborate the things in your career change letter of resignation; just keep it simple and to the point.

You can also include in your resignation letter that your decision is final so that your current employer or organization won't counteroffer to keep you on.


Thanking Your Employer:

It is always advisable to thank your immediate boss or employer in your resignation letter, and you can also mention primary and primary things which you have learned during your tenure, which helps you out in your growth and skills.

You should keep in mind that your current employer's boss is your future reference, so it is always advisable to leave the term on a positive and healthy note.


Handing-Off Your Job:

You should always offer your help and assistance during this transition phase of yours in the company or organization. 

You don't need to be extra polite and promise the things which you cannot deliver, just fulfill all your duties till the last date at your office and you can also assist your boss or employer in training your replacement.


Things To Avoid:

Many surveys conducted with HR departments suggested that the way employees quit the job affects their prospects with the same company.

Eighty-six percent of the human resource managers said that employees do all weird things and find their resignation the time to be complaining about their current company or organization.

This attitude of the employee is not advisable while you are resigning or quitting the job, so you should always avoid this approach. 

In fact, you should be confident and helpful at the time of your resignation. It may happen that you were not happy with your boss or have had some not so good experiences during your tenure, or your boss has underpaid you at times. 

But you should forget all these things and keep your attitude positive in the last days at your office. So, while writing your resignation letter, you should keep your emotions out and be very professional and confident.

Below you will find an example of the career change letter of resignation, which you can use a guide while writing your resignation letter.


Career Change Letter of Resignation Example

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name

I regret to inform you that I am resigning from ABC Company from my post of Sales Manager, my last date of employment in the company will be 15th Feb-20XX.

I have decided to work with the local non-profit organization and looking forward to changing my career in that direction. I will be missed to work with you and team members.

I like to thank you for the opportunities which you have provided me during my tenure, which certainly helped me to improve myself as a professional and enhanced my personal growth. If I can offer any help during this transition period, please let me know.

My best wishes are always with the company and hope to have work with you in the future.


Your Name


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