How to Check Website Ranking?

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Website ranking is used to determine the popularity of a website. The one more visited and more viewable to the users is a more popular website. In a ranking, the website closer to the top is more popular and in turn, has a higher ranking. More is the traffic on a website, more popular the website is.

It can also be defined as where a website is placed in a search engine’s result. For example, when you search for a certain thing and a lot of websites related to that thing appear, the ones appearing on the top will have the highest ranking.

To understand and determine the rank of the website, Alexa’s toolbar can also be used. Using the internet, you can download it and get installed on your computer.

Alexa Internet Inc. is a company that collects web traffic data and analyses it to determine ranking. Alexa ranks websites by collecting the information about the websites visited from the web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Its toolbar also includes several other features such as a pop-up blocker, a search bar, link to and also the ranking of the website that a user will be visiting at a certain moment.

Alexa also enables the user to give the website a rating. Alexa is the most popular tool used when determining the ranking of websites. It can be used to rank the websites in a selected country or to rank the websites of a selected category.

Ranking of a website is established by carefully monitoring the traffic that has been on the website for the past three months. This data is collected by the Alexa from its toolbar that users are using. In this way, the popularity of a website and how frequently it is visited by internet users is established.

Alexa monitors this information including visits, views, and number of users of a certain website that helps in ranking. It is done every day. Now all this information collected every day for three months is finally used to give that website a ranking.

The higher the rank of your website, more are the visitors to the website and easier it is to locate it through a search engine. It means your website is working fine.

If the ranking is lower, it shows that your website is not accessed and used by many people. And it would need more work to improve the ranking.

Trend graphs are graphs that are used to represent the daily traffic of a website. They can be compared to see if there is any improvement in the visits and ranking. In daily traffic rank, a website is ranked using data collected from a single day while in Alexa’s ranking, three month period data is used to establish one.

Daily ranking can be used to improve a website. It can be used to monitor how changes made to your website affect the traffic of the website. In this way, you can make changes desired by the users and improve your ranking. If you want to make your website popular, you should keep a constant check on its ranking.

Whether your website is becoming more popular or its popularity is declining. Especially, when you are using your website for selling goods.


Google page rank 

Google also uses a web ranking system called PageRank. It is used to rank websites in its search results. It is a way to determine the popularity of webs pages. According to Google itself:

“PageRank works by determining the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimation of how essential the website is. The important assumption is that more important websites are likely to get more links comparing with other websites.”

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