Cover Letter And Resume Examples For Occupational Therapist

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Occupational therapists are popular and are always in need and demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics figures twenty-four percent development in these positions somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2026. However, that doesn't imply that just having the education and preparing will let you a lucrative job or employment in your field. Let us go through the cover letter and resume examples for occupational therapist.

To find the job or employment you had always wanted, you have to demonstrate the enlisting administrator that you can carry out the job or employment, as well as that you're the great conceivable contender for the position. A noteworthy and well-written cover letter can help.

Our cover letter sample will enable you to stress your expert aptitudes while additionally exhibiting your one of a kind capabilities for the job. Keep in mind to adjust your cover letter to your experience and modify it for each job or employment.


Let Us Go Through The Occupational Therapist Cover Letter Example

This is a sample of a cover letter for an occupational therapist position for your guidance, and you can edit it to your specific situation and requirements.


Here is The Occupational Therapist Cover Letter Example - Text Version

First Name, Last Name

Name of The Street

City Name, State Name - Zip Code

Contact Number

May 1st, 2018


First Name Last Name - of the concerned person

Post Name, Depart Name

Name of The Organization

Address Line(s)

City Name, State Name - Zip Code

Dear Mr. Last Name,

I am writing to express my unmistakable fascination in your open occupational therapist position as recorded on the job website. My more than eight professional years of experience as an OT working with an assortment of populaces would make me an advantage for the OT group at ABC Hospital.

I have filled in as an occupational therapist for as far back as five years, and as an occupational treatment collaborator for the four years past. In these years, I have worked with several geriatric patients, structuring and executing treatment gets ready for customers with cracks, hip and knee substitutions, CVAs, and removals.

I have additionally worked with pediatric patients, giving intense consideration OT administrations to kids with an assortment of injuries, medical procedures, and ailments.

Through these encounters, I have created specialized abilities as well as important, delicate aptitudes, for example, persistence and clear correspondence. I trust these encounters would enable me to make progress working with St. John's Hospital's assorted populace.

You state part of your expected set of responsibilities that the occupational therapist will be accountable for regulating numerous OT aides, and once in a while OT students.

As an OT at the City Clinic, I have been in charge of directing and assessing ten OT aides. I likewise plan and show every other week workshops on different parts of OT to assistants. I even got an honor for "Most Valuable Mentor" from the students a year ago. I am this way positive about my capacities as a teacher and director.

I realize that my long stretches of experience working with different populaces, and additionally my abilities as a boss to OT aides and assistants, would make me a great OT at ABC Hospital. I have encased my resume and will get in touch with you one week from now to check whether we may discover an opportunity to talk together. Much obliged to you such a significant amount for your time and thought.


Your Signature - If printed version letter

First Name Last Name


Let Us Go Through The Occupational Therapist Resume Example

This is a sample of a resume for an occupational therapist position for your guidance and understanding, and you can customize it as per your specific situation and requirements when you are going to write your resume for the occupational therapist.


Here is An Occupational Therapist Resume Example - Text Version

Name of The Applicant

Name of The Street | City Name, State Name - Zip Code | Contact Number |


Occupational Therapist

Planning and executing treatment gets ready for an assortment of geriatric patients

Regarded and dedicated occupational therapist with 10+ years' experience structuring and executing procedure gets ready for geriatric patients with breaks, hip and knee substitutions, and different injuries.


Key Abilities Include

# Surveying and Evaluating Geriatric Patients with Various Diagnoses.

# Undivided attention and Patient Advocacy.

# Give Valuable Education to Patients, Family Members, and Care Givers.

# Involvement with Head Trauma and Alzheimer's.


Proficient Experience

ABC Medicals, City Name, State Name

Occupational Therapist - January 2014 - Present

Structure and execute treatment gets ready for geriatric patients with cracks, hip and knee substitutions, CVAs, removals, and different injuries, medical procedures, and sicknesses. Give proceeding with training to patients, relatives, and parental figures through clear oral and composed interchanges.


Prominent Achievements

# Instructed, managed, and assessed numerous COTAs and OT students.

# Surveyed and assessed every geriatric patient with different analyses, including Alzheimer's.


City Medical Institute, City Name, State Name

Occupational Therapist Assistant, - May 2009 - December 2017

Helped with surveying and creating treatment gets ready for every single geriatric patient at the foundation.

Prominent Accomplishments

# Co-composed, structured, and distributed leaflets to help patients and relatives.

# Met frequently with occupational therapists and families to create exercise based recuperation designs.


Educational Details

City University, City Name, State Name

Bachelor of Degree in science, GPA: 3.95.0

Major: Biology; June 2008



In this section list the certifications which you have got in the related fields.


Related Skills

Conversant in English and French | Physically Strong | Possess Strong Communication Skills

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