Importance Of Farewell Resignation Letter And Samples

Why You Need to Write The Farewell Resignation Letter & It's Importance
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One essential piece of the change is the farewell resignation letter, to advise the present manager or boss of the choice and progress. Farewell, resignation letter templates direct the procedure towards a standard, goal, and it is always a professional approach to inform your current superiors. It is a wise decision from your side and will convey your image as a professional, and you will be able to move into your career without any obstacles.

When you into a professional career in various fields, you have to change the career for your good. So, it is a fact that change is sometimes considered as a constant in professional life. Each job or employment travels through a lot of changes, and some of the time, it is because you need to have growth in your career, and some of the time, it is an organizational change.


Why Is It Imperative To Inform Superiors With a Farewell Resignation Letter?

First of all, it brilliant move to inform your immediate boss or other seniors that you are planning to move on. When you are writing a farewell resignation letter, always keep in mind that you are addressing it to the senior authorities at your workplace, and only they are going to read it, so you should always keep your farewell resignation letter short, concise and to the point.

When you have a professional approach and have sound communication, it will guarantee you that you will have a smooth career transition. It solidifies a decent picture and relationships with the association and individuals and helps emphatically on the move, referral, historical verification, and different prerequisites of the activity change. Frequently, it is required to be submitted to the following association contracting the person. The format of a farewell resignation letter is intended to take into account these needs of the document.

While writing a farewell resignation letter, you should always keep in mind that you are now moving on in your career. So, this is not an opportunity to say anything bad for your colleagues, seniors, or other staff members. It may happen that you have experienced a really bad time in the organization, but still, you should be positive and, if possible, with all the colleagues, seniors, and organization the best wishes.


Below We, Will See The Tips To Write The Farewell Resignation Letter

When you write a proper farewell resignation letter format can be used best with the accompanying tips:

# Mention the last date of your employment in the office you are serving and welcome to talk about it.

# It will be useful if you advise and talk about the farewell resignation with your reporting as well as HR official previously.

# Address the required individual/individuals and express a basic, clear, and unbiased explanation of the farewell resignation.

# Give signature and date if submitted in print/composing.

Additionally, keep a counter-signature copy with yourself.


# Specify your appreciation, and a debt of gratitude is for help and learning. Try not to go particular, express for the most part to the whole association, and your area of expertise/group.

# It is imperative to finish the letter with a positive note - 'Want to work with you once more.' 'All the best and wish the good for your future.' These types of quotes you should always include in your farewell resignation letter.

Following a standard farewell resignation letter format streamlines and rearranges the calming procedure and shields proficient picture and interests. Mainly, checking your enthusiastic articulations is imperative for smooth change. With everything set up, your next movement is all you should think about.


Farewell Resignation Letter Template

Subject: Your Name – Resignation or Moving On

Dear First Name,

What to include in the first paragraph of your letter:

You can use the first article in your letter to let everyone know that you’re moving on in your life and want to experience new opportunities and challenges.

However, you don't need to include any negative words or the reason why you are moving on, as it is always advisable to be positive in your farewell letter. You should also specify which date you will be leaving as it will give proper time to everyone to have a decent goodbye.

The second paragraph of your letters:

You should always be thankful for all your co-workers and colleagues for the opportunity to have shared so many years of working together.

You can also use this paragraph to individualize each person; you can always specify something particular or about your experiences to each of your colleagues individually.

In the third paragraph of your letter, include your contact details so that your colleagues can be in contact with you in the future too.

In the last paragraph, thank everyone again for being part of your life, followed by your name and signature.


Farewell Resignation Sample

Subject - Mr. Your Name Your Last Name - Resignation or Moving On

Dear First Name Last Name ( You Can Also Mention the Designation)

Dear Sir, it was a great journey while I was working in the XYZ organization. I have got another opportunity with ABC Company, and I have decided that I should move on and want to experience new opportunities and challenges. The field is different from what I am doing in the XYZ organization but likes to explore my new side and other skills.

My last date of working in the XYZ organization will be the 23rd of September, and until that time, if you need any support and help, I am always open to it. I am also ready to find out the next best candidate to fill my position in the organization and even prepared to train him until I am here.

I can take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues and other staff members for allowing me to work together. I also appreciate the knowledge, guidance, and experience, which I got from my seniors.

I would appreciate it if we can work together again in the future. I thank everybody in the organization and being a part of my life. I wish each and everyone a very great future. Below I am providing my contact details.

Contact Number - XXX-XXXX-XXX

Email -

Your Name

Your Signature (If it is a printed copy)



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