Learn How to Write Farewell Resignation Letter Sample For Saying GoodBye to Colleagues

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Farewell Resignation Letter Sample For Saying Good Bye to Colleagues. Checkout few samples below for farewell resignation letters
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So, finally, you have decided to leave the job because of any reason like - returning to school, retirement, or moving to a new job, but it is always a good move to send a farewell resignation letter to your co-workers.

It may be possible that you have already discussed your departure to most of your colleagues in person, but sending the farewell resignation letter ensures that you have let know everyone that you are quitting the job.

Your farewell resignation letter or note will allow you to say thank you to all your co-workers and colleagues.

Farewell Resignation letter also provides you the opportunity to share various other information like, so the people with whom you have shared so many years working together can be in your touch and contact in the future too.

If you are not sure what to include in your farewell letter, below, we will tell you the tips and format to write a farewell resignation letter so that you can use it as your guideline when writing your farewell letter.


Things Which You Can Include In Your Farewell Resignation Letter

You may be leaving your current job because of many reasons, but below you will find the things which you can include in your farewell or goodbye letter:

Express Gratitude And Be Thankful:

It may be possible that you are leaving the job because you are not happy in the company or organization, but you should always express your gratitude and be thankful to all your co-workers, as you have spent many things working together, and must have shared many emotions and have enjoyed many moments together.


Share Further Information:

Well, it is not required to share each and everything about your new job in your farewell letter, but if you feel comfortable, you can share some details about your unique opportunity in your career.  


Contact Information:

As you have spent so many years together with your co-workers and colleagues so you can also share your contact information in your farewell letter. You can share your email address, as well as you can share your new phone number if you have got any, you can also share your social media links with your co-workers.

A farewell letter brings you the last opportunity to remind your company and co-workers with your last impression, and it is always a good idea to leave on a positive and impressive note.

It is probably not a chance where you write down all your negative emotions and be complaining if you are a funny person by nature than be cautious while making jokes in your letter as everybody don't have the same sense of humor, so what may be the joke for you can hurt other person's feelings.  


When And How To send Farewell Resignation Letter

Well, make sure that you are sending a farewell letter to all your co-workers before the last day of you at the office, so be sure that you can submit your letter as close to your last possible date in office.

It is preferred that your letter should reach your colleagues on the last or before at least two days of you leaving the office, as in this way you will get a chance to say goodbye to all your colleagues personally.

You also have an option to send your farewell news through email message as it will be a convenient way also to let your co-workers hear about your resignation; besides that, it is fast and not too time-consuming.

However, if you want to send an actual printed letter, then you should make sure that it will reach everyone before the last day of you at the office, as it provides to you and your colleagues to have a proper goodbye. But placing your farewell letter in your co-worker's mailbox will certainly save lots of time.


Whom You Should Give The Farewell Resignation Letter

Well, this is purely your decision whom you want to send your farewell letter, so make this decision by your conscience and judgment.

If you are working in a small office or company, you can send your farewell letter to everybody in the office, but if you are working for a large company or organization, you should send it to your immediate group or the people with whom you are working jointly.


Tips To Use Farewell Resignation Letter Template

Below you will find the farewell letter template; this template will guide you with how to write the farewell resignation letter, how many paragraphs you can include in your letter, and how to sign off in your letter.

In the template below you will also find out what information you should include in your farewell letter and how to be thankful and say goodbye to your colleagues.

You can use this template as your guidelines when you write your farewell letter; you should amend it as per your requirements and circumstances, you can also decide which contact information you should share, if you are not comfortable in sharing your phone number, you can do that.


Farewell Resignation Letter Template #1

Subject: Your Name - Resignation or Moving On

Dear First Name,

What to include in the first paragraph in your letter: You can use the first article in your letter to let everyone know that you're moving on in your life and want to experience new opportunities and challenges.

However, you don't need to include any negative words or the reason why you are moving on, as it is always advisable to be positive in your farewell letter. You should also specify which date you will be leaving as it will give proper time to everyone to have a decent goodbye.

The second paragraph of your letters: You should always be thankful to all your co-workers and colleagues for the opportunity to have shared so many years of working together.

You can also use this paragraph to individualize each person; you can always specify something particular or about your experiences to each of your colleagues individually.

In the third paragraph of your letter, include your contact details so that your colleagues can be in contact with you in the future too.

In the last paragraph, thank everyone again for being part of your life, followed by your name and signature.


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