Learn How to Write Formal Resignation Letter Sample

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Formal Resignation Letter Sample. Checkout below some formal letter of resignation samples.
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When you have planned to resign from your current job, it's always appreciable that you inform your employer or boss with a formal resignation letter, and if possible, you can always inform them personally before sending a formal resignation letter.

A letter informs your boss or employer with formal notice that you are resigning from the job, and it will also help them know your last date in the office. It also equips you with the evidence that you have officially informed your employer and helps you to maintain your HR file as many companies have policies for their employees that they should inform them with two weeks' notice before leaving the job.


Things To Be Included In your Formal Resignation Letters

Well, informal resignation letters, you don't need to include the reason for your resignation, it is always advisable to keep the resignation letter short and to the point.

You should always avoid writing about your new job and company in your formal resignation letter. Also, you should avoid writing any strong feelings about your current employer, colleagues, or organization.

Besides these, always keep in mind that don't ever write your complaints or past grievances in your formal resignation letter as it will build a negative image of you.

So, what should be included in your formal resignation? Well, you must write them and make them understand the fact that you are leaving the job, you should add your resignation date in your letter and always convey your best wishes to your current employer or company as it will be helpful to have the smooth transition with the organization or group.

It's also a good idea to include your pleasant and enjoyable experiences, which you had while working with the company and the career development support which you got from the organization, and you can convey your thanks for providing you with these opportunities.

These thanksgiving expressions to your employer may help you out in the future with further references and recommendation by your employer, that you may need at any point in time in your career.

You can always write and mention in your letter the conversation when you informed your boss or employer that you are going to resign, as it will further ease out the things, you can always write these items as per the situation it may vary from case to case.

There are always some crucial things which you can do and which you don't, so you must take your actions carefully and think many times before contacting your boss or employer about your resignation.

Your resignation will give your last impressions in the memory of your employer or boss, so you must always resign with affirmative action or quit the job on the positive note, as it will let your colleagues and employer feel sorry that you are leaving the job.

A written letter, whether it is a printer resignation letter, the mailed message is always important because it provides closure to your HR file, and it helps you, too, to maintain your records.

It also makes you assure that you have done all necessary things before your resignation, and you have informed all your superiors, employer, and HR department about your resignation, and you have performed all your essential duties before leaving.

Always remember to be humble, generous, courteous and helpful in your transition period whatever may be the reason for your resignation or leaving the job.


Formal Resignation Letter Sample #1

Below you can find the sample for a formal resignation letter, and you can use this as your guide while writing the formal resignation letter regarding your intention to quit the job.


Mention Your Name
Mention Your Address
Mention Your City, State, Zip Code
Mention Your Phone Number
Mention Your Email




City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I would like to inform you that I am going to resign from my position as Marketing Supervisor for the ABC Company, valid from September 1,20XX.

Thank you for the opportunities and support that you have provided me in the last four years. I have truly enjoyed my tenure in the previous four years working with ABC company, and I appreciate the growth opportunities that you have provided me to pursue my professional and personal objectives.

If I can help out the company during this transition period, please let me know so that it will help to have a smooth transition and the seamless passing of my responsibilities to my successor, I would always be glad to help you out in any other way.


Your Signature

Your Typed Name



Formal Email Resignation Message Sample #2

If due to any circumstances if you need to send your resignation through email resignation message, in that case your subject line should be very clear so that it can clearly describe what the email is all about, for example, "Resignation - Your Name" or "Your Name Resignation" as it will really help your boss or employer to understand the importance of the email. The body of an email resignation message can be the same as any other resignation letter.

Subject - First Name Last Name Resignation

Please accept this email as a formal notification of my resignation from ABC Company. My last date of work in the company will be June 25, 20XX.

I really appreciate the experience and opportunities which I gained while working with you and your company. My successor will be very fortunate to work as part of the dynamic and supportive team which the company has provided me too.

If I can provide me any help during this transition period, it will be really appreciated. I wish you and your company the best and hearty wishes.


First Name Last Name



The above formal resignation and formal email message with always help you out if you are working in a corporate field, as it will help to write the formal resignation letter and formal resignation email message. You can always write down your situations and conditions while writing your own resignation.


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