How to Write a Funny Resignation Letter that You Don't Want to Send

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write a Funny Resignation Letter that You Don't Want to Send. Check out few funny resignation letter templates below that can help you.
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In our previous articles, you must have seen and read many types of resignation letters and their related formats and samples, but sometimes it may happen that besides following all those resignation letters, you are presenting your boss a funny resignation letter.

Well, yes, you can do this. But this can happen only when you are sharing a very healthy and sound relationship with your immediate boss or employer because you can't present any resignation letter to your boss or employer whom you don't know entirely or don't share healthy and very close relations.

But when you have decided to present your immediate boss or employer, a funny resignation letter, still you have to follow some guidelines. Below we will discuss the things which you should follow while presenting funny resignation letter to your employer or immediate boss.


Tips & Guidelines For Presenting Funny Resignation Letter

Be funny but still know your limits:

Well, it may be possible that you are having very healthy relations with your company or organization; you are sharing very sound relationships with your immediate boss or employer.

But still, you must always remember that you are the employee of the company, and maybe now you are resigning from your post, but while resigning, you should not take everything for granted.

You should always use your words very carefully while writing the resignation letter or email message to your employer.

You can always have funny lines or phrases in your resignation letter, but don't ever do the fun of anyone personally, whether it is your employer or your co-workers or colleagues. Being funny does not mean you should harm other's sentiments.


Be confident and appreciative:

In your resignation letter always keep in mind that you are funny in your resignation letter, so always use positive words and phrases, your resignation does not mean you have got chance to make fun of everything in the company or organization, in fact, you should use sensible words to have fun in your letter.


Express your gratitude & be thankful:

Well, you should always express your appreciation and be grateful to your immediate boss and employers while writing your funny resignation letter. Of course, you can be funny in doing that, but as mentioned above, don't harm anybody's sentiments.


Share your future contact information:

You are resigning from the company or organization that does not mean that you should be rude at that point, and as you are already representing a funny resignation letter, it means that you are already having a healthy relationship with your immediate boss or employer. So, never forget to share your contact information with your employer and colleagues.

Below we will see a few examples of funny resignation letter examples and samples; you can always tailor it as per your situations and requirements.


Funny Resignation Letter Sample #1

Dear Mr. Boss:

I am very thrilled and excited to inform you that I am going to resign very soon.

I have been waiting for this to inform you for very long. Otherwise, it was looking like I am working with you on a forever basis. To be very frank, I have always hated working in the company; in fact, you won't ever imagine from the first day of my joining the company.

The prime reason for me to take this decision of resigning is that I have never enjoyed working here, I have not liked my co-workers, and I have not liked even you.

I am announcing my resignation immediately and want to explore my life and career to new opportunities; in fact, I can like to be on the open road. I bought a new bike for me and a leather overcoat and my girlfriend, Ronald is also going to join us.

I had a terrible time to fit the leather overcoat with my girlfriend, but finally, we have managed it, and now she is looking pretty.

I know that you would like me to offer my help during this transition period or my last days in the office, but I am not going to do so as I am busy planning my trip with my girlfriend.

You can always have a fun time to figure out the remaining files on my computer, most of them or unfulfilled tasks, and I am not even in the mood to figure out myself.

Computers reminded me of one more thing, the passwords, and access to all official work, but I have never maintained any list of them, and I don't have robust memory, so I can't figure them out well you can have fun in managing those things as well.

I am very sure you are going to announce a party for taking me the resignation, but please, I am not interested in that, as I don't like stale cookies and nasty punch, which is the fashion in this company.

You don't have to recommend me or provide me with further references, even though I am very sure you are going to do this. I don't need or want any text, as I am still in my party mood.

I hope we won't ever cross the paths of each other, so I think we have burnt bridges after my resignation from the company.

See Ya,

Happy To Be Gone


Funny Resignation Letter Sample #2


Dear Last Name

I am writing this letter to inform you about my resignation, as I was utilizing company time and resources to find a better job. My last date of employment will be 17th September 20XX.

Thankfully I was offered the better job just yesterday, and I will join the new company from this Monday, of course, they are offering me the promotion and better salary as per your competition.

I am happy to remind you that I have never signed an agreement with your company.


Your Name

The samples above provided is for guidance only, you can always send them as per your situation and circumstances.



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