Learn How to Write Funny Resignation Letter Samples

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Funny Resignation Letter Samples. Checkout below some samples we wrote how you can write funny resignation letter template
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There are a few of the times you need to provide a funny resignation letter to your boss or employer. But, when you are writing a funny resignation letter, always keep in mind that you should not use abusive language and keep your emotions to yourself.

When you send a funny resignation letter to your boss, it means that you are pleased to leave the workplace and don't want to work with them again.  But still, it does not mean you can include abusive language in it.

Below we will see some of the funny resignation letter samples, which you can use if you want to present one to your current boss or employer. You can always customize the letter as per your particular situation and experience. You can use these letters as your guidelines only.


Funny Resignation Letter Sample #1

Dear Mr. Manager,


I'm excited to educate you that I'm leaving. At last, I am free!

I have been sitting tight for what appears like everlastingly to advise you that I will never again be working under your abusing manager's thumb. I've loathed working for you and the organization since the first day I was contracted.

I don't care for the work, I don't care for my kindred colleagues, and I don't care for you.

I am offering my resignation letter taking effect right now, and I'm setting out toward the open street. I purchased a Harley and a calfskin coat, and my better half, 'Name,' is going along.

I know you might want me to help you with progress, yet I won't. Why? Since I would prefer not to. Have a fabulous time making sense of the documents on my PC. I couldn't make sense of them more often than not.

Goodness, talking about PCs, you'll have to make sense of the passwords to all our online records, vendors, and assets. I neglected to keep a list of them, so mess around with that.

I'm certain you'd get a kick out of the chance to host a leaving gathering for me. Notwithstanding, I'm not keen on the stale treats and diluted punch that helps me to remember skunk juice from my camp days.

Try not to stress over keeping in touch with me a reference, even though I'm sure you'd be happy to suggest my work and stellar corporate reliability state of mind.

I don't need or need a reference from you since I won't require a reference where I am. Hi, (Name of the Boss)! Along these lines, consider our scaffolds consumed.

See you,

Glad To Be Gone



Funny Resignation Letter Sample #2

Dear Name of the Employer,

I am writing to educate you on my resignation letter. My last day was last Wednesday. From that point forward, I've been utilizing organization time and assets to locate a superior occupation.

I've additionally been utilizing your corporate server to locate another job or employment. I arranged your IT framework to mine. Sadly I have no spyware or hostile to infection security and, thus, may have tainted your comprehensive system.

Gratefully, by making utilization of your broad database, I found an extraordinary new business that offered me an occupation yesterday, and I begin Monday (with an advancement and compensation increment). My new manager is your No. 1 contender, and I'll be bringing every one of my records and noteworthy contacts with me.

Too awful, I never consented to the noncompeting agreement.



Your First Name, Your Last Name



Funny Resignation Letter Sample #3

 Dear Boss,


It is with awesome joy that I formally presented my resignation letter successfully today.

Much obliged to you for the compensation I got, despite the fact that I should have gotten the pay of 3 employees, I am as yet thankful. In any event, I could influence lease, to sustain my three children and get myself a few Aspirins at whatever point my joints throb from all the physical work you arrange for me to do. Next time, please consider employing an individual developer, janitor, and accountant independently because, to be honest, those three occupations are impossible for one individual in an 8-hour shift.

As much as I might want to work and remain with the organization, some sense has fortunately been thumped into me, and I have understood that with the ability and perseverance I have, I can land a position that'll pay progressively and locate a manager that'll treat me sympathetically.

Coincidentally, I'm putting forth my propel congrats if you can discover somebody to supplant me who'll do every one of the three occupations at the same or even lower pay. I'm not overestimating you. I know it's not underneath you.

Genuinely (Truly),

Ms. Mishandled


You can always use funny resignation samples for your use and customize as per your requirements and situation. Always keep in mind funny resignation letters are given on lighter sense, and you should restrict yourself from using abusive language. In addition to that, you should always restrain your emotions while writing a funny resignation letter.

Be funny at the same time, express the things skillfully. You don't need to hurt anyone like your seniors, colleagues, or other staff in the workplace. It can be true that you have decided to not work with your seniors and organization again. But still, funnily express yourself rather than using harsh and abusive words.


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