Learn How to Write Heartfelt Resignation Letter Example

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Heartfelt Resignation Letter Example. Checkout below the Heartfelt sample letters of resignation.
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Whenever you want to send the letter of resignation to your employer, you just need to include good words and thanking them he heartfelt resignation letters.

You would always like to leave the current job on the best possible note and want you to leave the job with a definite and good impression as it was the first impression.


Below Are The Things To Be Included in Heartfelt Resignation Letter

Honest Appreciation: 

You should always appreciate your boss or employer while resigning, and you should not neglect in your letter that you were working with a helpful and supportive mentor. 

Even if you have had some bad experience in your place, you should come out with some positive experience which you had while working and be genuine in your letter.


Be Specific:

It is always to be specific while praising your boss and employer at the same time, and you should be honest and personal.

If your boss or any co-worker had taught you any useful skill, you should mention that in your heartfelt resignation letter and in this way, your letter will make a long-lasting impact in their memory. 

As everybody likes to hear good things about themselves, your letter will create a positive memory of you when you are leaving.


Offer an Assistance:

It's always difficult for companies or organizations to replace their employees; this is even true in the case if you have already given them proper resignation notice, and the company may have a list of candidates who can replace your position.

It always takes the time to gel with the new employee, and it will also need time and money for the training of the new candidate, and many companies or organization usually lacks these things. 

If you offer your help in such issues while you're resigning and help out the company with this transition period, it will always stand out your position and make you the team player even though you are leaving the job.

This gesture of yours will help the company a lot, but it won't be that difficult for you to provide your help in this transition period, but while doing so, you will leave a long last impression to your organization and in the mind of your boss and colleagues.

It will also help you to get better recommendations and references in the future, which will ultimately be going to assist you in the future.


Heartfelt Resignation Letter Sample #1

Below you will see the example of how sincere resignation letter will look like:

John Smith

ABC Company
XXX North Avenue
ABC Road,
Dear Mr. Smith

Please accept this message as my resignation from XXX Company as an Accounts Officer. My last date of employment in the company will be July 5, 20XX.

I would find this opportunity to thank you for all the support and guidance which I got during my tenure in the company. Besides that, I appreciate the work time which I spend working with my colleagues, and I have had so many opportunities to grow my skill and experience and build my career.

I will never forget the time working for XXX Company, and you are always welcome if you need any help from my side during this phase of transition.

All the best,
Your Name

The above sample of heartfelt resignation letter sample will help you to write your resignation letter, and you can always include your situations and circumstances while writing the resignation letter.


Below you will find the sample of the heartfelt resignation email message:

Nowadays, as the company has many branches, and due to technological growth, many official communications are done through emails.

So, you can also send your resignation through email, and the guidelines to write a resignation letter is the same as writing an email message and will help you to write your resignation email message.

Always keep in mind that resignation email is providing you with networking opportunities, and you should follow the same rules as above while writing a resignation email message.

If your heartfelt resignation letter is neat and clean and without any mistakes, it will always be appreciable, it's not only necessary to write good and positive things, but your resignation email should be error-free.

So it is still advisable to proofread your email resignation message before sending it. You can correct your letter to the trusted friend so that you can avoid embarrassment later.  

Your trusted friend can proofread your resignation email message from top to bottom like he can check all grammatical and typo errors followed by checking the first lines of your resignation email. 

Like your name, address your contact details, even the subject line of the resignation message, and keep on checking with the body of the email message to the end of the letter.

In this way, you can have a trusted proofread of your letter, so always re-check and proofread your resignation email message before finally sending it.

Maintain and file a copy of your resignation email for your records & send a copy of your resignation email to the HR department also.

As we know that email resignation messages are different from resignation letters, so while writing a resignation email so you can leave off the heading while you are emailing your resignation as well as you can also leave off your signature. (There is no need to go for digital signature and all no need to too deep while writing resignation email message)

Brevity is the essence of your email resignation message. Keep your email resignation message as short as possible, and at the same time, it should convey the essential things.

Always select your subject line appropriately and think before choosing the subject line of your resignation email message, you can use the subject line like, "Thank You" or "My Resignation" to keep it short and straightforward.

So, using these tips and guidelines, you can send and frame your both heartfelt resignation letter and real resignation message. Always write and draft the resignation letter and note while looking at your circumstances and situation; everyone has got his unique situation.

But the above guidelines and sample are just to make you an idea and increase your understanding while writing and sending the resignation letter and email message.



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