Ways To Help A Friend To Get A Job

Help your friend in his/her job hunt
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When you are already working with a reputed and renowned company, and at the same time when you feel that your friend is searching for the job; you can help him/her in many ways. After all, if you like to help others and don't mind putting some efforts to search for a job for your friend, you can always do that. Let's find out the ways to help a friend to get a job. 

If you are doing the job that does not mean you should not help your friends, but at the end of it is your personal decision. And if you would like to help your friends to search for the job, you should always do it. You should always be positive and must have listened many times; if you do good to others, it will always return to you.

But that does not mean that you are helping your friend or colleague just to have your good. It is the individual choice and if you can take out some time or other resources you can always help your friend to get a job.

The friend here does not mean that he or she is practically your friend, they can be anyone your relatives, your college friends, your past job colleagues and so on.

The list can be very long they can be your best friends from childhood, or school or college friends. They can be your relatives who are in need of the job, and they are already searching for it. You should always devise the methods to get them hired, and if you are confused, you should learn how to get your friends or past or current colleagues to get hired.

You should always have a bright idea and mind what you can do for them. It does not matter if your friend has just lost the job or wants to get another job which will be higher than the previous one; you can always help them out. There is a broad range of ways you can assist them in their pursuit of employment.

In this write-up, we will see how you can help your friend or colleague to get hired or to help in searching for the job for them.


The Most Effective Method To Help A Friend Or Family Member Get Hired

If you want our friend or colleague to get hired, you should always understand that it won't take much of your time and energy. But at the same time, your little efforts will always enable your friend or colleague to get hired in the field of job they have wished for.

Below we will see the things which you can do or offer to your friend or colleague to get a job and make their pursuit of job easy and effortless:


You Can Always Offer Them With Search Of Job; They Like To Get Hired:

  • Provide friend with work leads: There can always be a possibility that a job that is a good match run on your PC screen or social media platforms send it to your friend. Check work posting websites sometimes to check whether you can discover a job that is a decent plausibility. It is difficult to remain over new postings, and your employment lead may be the one that winds up getting the individual another occupation.


  • Offer to edit resumes and cover letters: One of the difficult tasks to do when you're writing and altering resume to get your particular errors. It is always beneficial when another person goes through the resume and gives a nice look; it is useful in figuring out many mistakes and can have an outstanding impact on the resume. Offer to verify and review your friend's resume and cover letters, so their application documents will become good and professional.


  • Arrange for some good time for your friend: There can be chances that your friend likes and appreciate your professional achievements. You can inquire with your manager or employer to check whether you can set up a job shadow, where your friend can spend a couple of hours or a day with you at your workplace. It is similarly the best opportunity to make a few introductions if any of your friends are in a position to help.


  • Orchestrate for an informational interview: An informative or informational interview is a casual interview intended to assemble information about an occupation or organization. Set up informational interviews if you have an organization or company with individuals in your friend's profession, field or industry. A great many people are happy to share information on what they do, and your organization or company might have the capacity to create a few referrals or employment leads.


  • Go to a professional networking occasion with your friend: In case you're not the most friendly individual in the room, it can be frightening to go to proficient networking events. But if you are having a company of your friend it will be simpler for you the attend the event, and at the same time, it will be beneficial to your friend. There is always a possibility of such events that you have come with few connections which will be helpful in your career too. You can always find more information about attending professional networking events, and how to be a part of it.


  • Enable them to update their LinkedIn profile: There can always be a possibility that your friend's LinkedIn profile hasn't been refreshed since so long, It will always be nice of you if you can manage to update your friend's LinkedIn profile and suggest few changes if required.

Ensure it contains current work and instructive data, abilities, and achievements. You can always learn the techniques and methods to improve the LinkedIn Profile in our previous articles.


  • Always be productive & constructive, avoid being critical: There are always chances that your friend got terminated or fired, but does not mean you become harsh and critical to them. You should always understand that they need much of emotional and moral support and you are the one who can provide this to them. Don't give them trouble about their termination or loss of the job; regardless of the possibility that it was their blame. Be thoughtful and understanding, and always be nice to them; as this can happen to anyone. There can always be a possibility that their resume is terrible and in every shape, you don't have to mention that to them. But you should always act calmly and can propose a few changes that would make it more satisfactory.


  • Help them with offering a referral: There can always be a possibility that there are suitable openings at your organization or company, check whether you can put in a referral for your friend. Managers and employees are excited to find out about qualified applicants, and you may even get a referral reward.


  • Recommend your friend on LinkedIn: Most of the recruiting and hiring managers always scan the LinkedIn profile of the individuals and professionals.

In case you're in a position to authenticate the person's professional capabilities, expressly stating it on LinkedIn will support their profile and will also increase their visibility. It will result in giving your friend a reference ahead of time.

  • Offer to be a reference: You can utilize the proposal you composed on LinkedIn as a beginning stage for a professional reference. If you don't have a business, organization or company with your friend, offer as an individual reference. 


  • Make connections: Who you know can be fundamental to a fruitful pursuit of employment, and interacting with those people is usually very comfortable with whom you know professionally or maybe personally. Offer to acquaint your friend with anybody you think may have the capacity to help. Do it face to face, by email, on LinkedIn, and via web-based networking platforms. It's advisable to send a short note with presentation motivation behind why you're making the connection.


  • Refer them to their university career office: Numerous university career offices give services and guidance to the graduate who got the degree from that university. Propose that your friend contact his or her career services or university office to perceive how they can offer assistance. The team may have the ability to give job guiding, continue reviews, letter writing help, and another quest for new employment or job help.


  • Pin then into their networks: University graduated network, and professional networking classes are great spots to start the networking, you can get networks easily as they belong to the same field of expertise or the same university. And who not like to connect with the people of the same field or university. You always have something in the same way as the individuals you're talking and conversing with on the internet. Networking contacts are a substantial hotspot for work leads and job counsel, and networking is what number of individuals get hired.


What To Do When The Finances Can Be The Issue

When somebody loses his or her employment, it can be exceptionally distressing. When you're stressed over severance pay, if you get it, or joblessness, running out, and how you will pay the bills, it can be difficult to concentrate on a pursuit of employment.

There is also additional stuff you can do to make life somewhat less difficult for somebody who is out of work, stressed over cash, and amidst a pursuit of employment. Below are the things which you can offer to your friend when he or she is searching for another job:

  • You can always offer your friend for a babysitter when he is attending for interviews, this way the issue of child care can be solved and your friend will also be stress-free in interviews.


  • Do likewise with rides to interviews if your friend is having an issue with arranging for the transportation.


  • A gift voucher for your neighborhood market or retail store is constantly helpful.


  • You can always send some meals for your friends. You just need to order food delivery services, in this way it will not consume your time also.


  • Help your friend with clothes and other stuff. In case your friend short on proficient interview garments, In case you're a similar size, offer an outfit. There can always be a possibility that you have a decent portfolio, you could give them a chance to utilize that, too.


Have Fun Time While Offering A Help To Your Friend And Make Them Stress-Free

Everybody needs a break, mainly when it feels like as long as you can remember is spinning around finding another position. Let us see some ways which you can implement, to keep your friend stress free and making him, or she thinks other things than just "Job."

  • Go out for beverages or drinks and get the tab.


  • Offer your friend with the passes of yoga, gym, exercise, painting, or some other stuff that you think they may appreciate doing.


  • Take them out to a ball game, show or another unique occasion.


  • Purchase a dinner (or two). Get your friend to lunch or supper, or for espresso, all the time.


  • Blossoms and chocolate improve practically everybody feels. They truly do.


Remain Connected and Follow-Up

Above all, be a friend and listen carefully. Now and then, listening is an ideal way you can enable somebody to work through considering professional alternatives, searching for job leads, interview, and assessing work offers. Give them a chance to vent and advise them that tuning in and being a friend is what you're here for.

Check-in with him or her to perceive how they are getting along. Offering assistance is brilliant, yet following up and keeping an eye on their advance will be much more valued. Many individuals offer once and after that overlook. Be the person who keeps in contact.


The Final Words

There's an additional advantage for you in the majority of this. Despite the fact that you will likely help, and it's a decent one, you're likewise going to get by giving. Your friends will recall that you alluded them to an occupation, offered to edit, got them a brew or a glass of wine, or whatever else you did to be strong.

They'll recollect whenever a promising employment lead that may be ideal for you to go along. The time you spend aiding will be certainly justified regardless of the exertion, and you'll feel great that you did your best to help your friend.


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