How to Make Money Online -2

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This is the 2nd part of "How to make money online." In this post, we continue with the rest 20 ways of making money online.


21. Crack The Competitions

If you like the competitions, you can always take entry to various competitions which are going to organize during your course tenure. Well entering into the competition is not a guarantee that you are going to crack it but if you believe yourself many students are earning up to 50000$ yearly from all types of competitions, and this is the very handsome amount.

Various competitions are being organized every year like answering the phone correctly over the phone, like Facebook pages, or you can also be TV game show contestant. As a student, you can always search for these competitions available in your regions and country, and you can easily make some money with your extra skill.


22. Make Collection For The Charity

If you are serious and want to spend some time, then you can opt for this as this is not easy and you may face many rejections, so it takes a certain kind of person to do this job. But if you were good at meeting people, confident, bubbly and had a good personality, you can easily try your skills in this.

Besides this, if you have good marketing skills, then this will be very easy for you to earn some extra bucks. Usually, you use to get paid if you make new sign-ups or customers. To start with you can try Wesser and also try Oxfam.


23. Become Your Own Bank

With continuous global growth and progress, 'peer-to-peer' lending is most probably one of the probable banking methods in recent future. This feature helps to cut out the middle person and you can easily get the money at cheaper interests as well you can also lend money on cheaper rates directly. You can then use the online platform to do all this and manage all your transaction from your home. is such a platform which was founded in 2005, and this is one of the largest lending site today with almost more than one million dollars every day. At present, you can get up to 5% of interest, and you can always get how long you want to lend the money.

There can be a risk involved if you are directly dealing with cash or dealing with money, and when you are into peer-to-peer lending, there are some risks involved in it. But when you are using Zopa platform, it has many safeguards features, and you can easily and effectively lend your money to borrowers and have easy income while sitting at home.


24. Rent Out Your Parking Space

If you are living in student accommodation, then some of the places have lots of garage space and other free space. And, suppose you are not exactly utilizing your parking space, and your locality is crowded, and there is very less space. Then you can easily rent out your free space for parking as because of crowded locality you can find many such people who will be willing to pay you for the space you are providing them for parking their vehicles.

If you don't have time to find the people looking for parking space, then you can easily take the help of Gumtree, Parklet or Just Park. You can also study many tips to learn how you can rent out your parking or free space and earn money.


25. Sell Your Stock Photos  

If you are good at photography and creative and you think you have clicked the photos which you can sell then you can always try to upload your photos for free to stock websites. Fotolia and iStockphoto are the best way to start the things.

You can also make more money if you make people available the pictures or photographs which are in demand, you can also do your research and find out the ways to sell your photographs this way you can also improve and enjoy your creativity and at the same time can make money.


26. Become Online Tutor

If you are good in academics and also a flair for teaching and educating others, then this is really for you. You can easily teach students online and make money. The teaching field is in much demand nowadays and the highest revenue generating sector, and you need to teach the students face-to-face, but you can increase your reach and teach anyone online. You can also increase the number of students as compared to face-to-face teaching as it is limited and in this way you can earn huge money.

Udemy is one such online platform where you can upload your teaching course and can get paid forever as user going to take it. As I already said education is high revenue generating sector so that you can get up to 10$ for per hour. You don't need great degrees for persuading teaching job you can also read out and research more about teaching online.


27. Sell Out Your Old CD's, Games And Movies

If you are in need of quick cash and then selling your old stuff is a very good idea, and in this way, you can also get rid of unnecessary things from your room. If you are selling the movies, songs or games, etc. then you can easily make their copies on your computer hard drive. That means that you are just selling the plastics stuff, so in that way you are not losing anything and at the same time getting some quick cash.

What you can earn is difficult to say as it depends on the region or country you are living in and the demand for your products to whom you are selling. But one this is true that if you have really large collections, you will finish by making a huge amount of money.

You can also sell your stuff online and free with the help of websites like - Amazon Marketplace and Preloved, you can also opt for MusicMagpie, and you will get paid instantly. For more tips and techniques for selling the cd's, music online you can have a look on the internet.


28. Try Out Yourself As Extra

If you want yourself to see on stage or you have an actor in you, then you can easily opt for doing some stage shows and be the part of big shows as an extra. Just standing in the scene or just walk out through the stage will not require any special skill, but you can have some extra income.

If you want to do more than that then you can opt for some important role in the shows or plays, and in this way, you can improvise your skills as well as easily earn extra income.

Most the times the payout is very easy and not too bad, and in a day you can easily earn up to 50 USD, and the that is not the that bad amount. You can also opt for 'Be On Screen' to explore much more opportunities. You can also search yourself online for such opportunities and can always have easy income.


29. Buying And Selling of Domain Names

With a start on the internet, many people have indulged in this business, the domain name is just the name of the website or address of the website, for example - or, these domains are followed by many extensions like - .com, gov, .org,, .net, etc.

It does take only a nominal amount to book your domain name, but when you resale you can get the enormous amount of money. Buying and selling domains are little tricks you should understand which domain name has the potential to gain popularity and if you know it better, you can make a huge amount of money very easily. It is reported that was sold on a huge amount of 35 million dollars. You can take help of or to register your domains.

So, if you can analyze the good commercial name or can understand which name will give you much profit, you can easily make huge money in this business.


30. Doing Mystery Shopping  

Nowadays it is straightforward to be a mystery shopper then you think, and you will get rewarded handsomely for doing it. You can always try Roamler to start with as it will pay you out for completing various tasks which you can complete in your area, it is a smartphone app.

There are various agencies too, that use to pay you when you visit all types of shops, and they give your feedback about their performance and services. You can research yourself online for further information and how to and where to apply for being a mystery shopper.


31. Work As A Freelancer

This one of the best and most popular method of working online and earning lots of money. Working as a freelancer is not only good money making an option for university students, but many professionals and individuals are working as a freelancer and earning at very high rates. It is a prevalent option worldwide, and you can work as a freelancer without any interference in your daily routine, you can also work as a full-time freelancer. The biggest advantage of it is that you can work as per your convenience and at your place or home.

For university students as they are already busy in their academics, but still have a passion for writing, doing some research, data entry or maybe you are very skillful and have knowledge of video editing, photography, graphic designing. Then it is the very genuine place for you, and you can earn handsomely in your spare time. If you do some research globally, there are many freelance jobs out there which require just simple skills, or at times special skills, whatever it is this is the perfect choice for you and you can make lots of money in your spare time.

The basic things which you require as a freelancer are just internet connection and workstation (Desktop or Laptop), and you can work out for any client globally, so you have the massive reach and great potential. So, your extra skills will surely make you earn a lot of money.

There are many websites where you can start your work as a freelancer; you need to sign up for those websites, understand their requirements and start working as soon as possible. Most of the freelance websites will also provide you the opportunity to bid on the project, means for the particular project you can tell your price to your potential clients. To start with you should make your account on these websites as soon as possible -,, and many websites are out there globally.


32. Use Your Body To Make Some Money

Many surveys have shown and proved many students use their body to earn sufficient amount of money. If you feel comfortable to be a model for some product and not shy to take off your accessories and clothes you can always try it out. You can showcase every part of your body, you can show every curve of your body and you will be paid to start with you can opt for RAM, this is the website which is specifically designed to do such jobs. You can also try 'Clinical Drug Trials' but always be sure about any risks involved.

As a student, you should be cautioned that do not do the things or stuff for which you are not comfortable. It may be possible that you are very desperate for money but does not mean you should try for anything whatever is presented before you. Also keep in mind that student prostitution is on rising globally so be cautious before trying all these things, and don't fall victim to such things.


33. Rent Your Living Space For Shooting  Many

Media productions firms and companies always in search of house or space where they can shoot their stuff. You must be aware that many films, serials, and documentaries have been shot in the place where students live in.

This not only the best option for earning money buts also you will be excited to see your house or space on television. Excited enough..? you can also do your search for the websites which provide you this option you can also start researching your local network.


34. Try Babysitting

This is one of the classic and comfortable ways to fill your pocket with extra bucks, as you have to spend your time watching TV, reading magazines or newspapers or doing any other stuff and side by side you are also taking care of the baby. And obviously who won't like to spend the time with cute babies and if you are offered some money, you will always ready to do that.

Always keep in mind you should have clear CRB that is - Criminal Record Bureau, but many parents don't ask or mind about these things. As a university student, you must not be aware of the payment you should receive, but you can always look for local babysitting service charges rates. But it is true you will get good money, and you don't have to work too much.

If being with those cute babies attracts you, then you can always think of doing babysitting and spend your time uniquely and cutely. In fact, you can also bring your study material to read while being with the baby. So at the same time, you can perform both the duties, and it is very effective and easy way to earn money.


35. Opt For Dog Sitting And Walking

In this method, you can choose from pets or babies, if you are not comfortable with babies you can opt for dog care and sit. You must be aware that looking after others dog and is very big business as in this busy, and growing world people don't have time to care their things. And as a student, you have got plenty of free time on your schedule, and you can spend your time to take of their pets during the time they are out for work.

You can get about five dollars for an hour to get the dog for a walk. The rates may differ as per the region and countries. If you are interested in this, you can join Tailster who will introduce you to the pet owners, and you can easily spend your time in some fun activities and get paid. You can also advertise yourself in your local area so that you don't have to travel much for the dog care or dog sitting.


36. Sell Your Personal Stories And Videos And Earn Money

If you think you have got something interesting in your life or gone through some extraordinary phases in your life and you believe that your story will make an interesting reading booklet, then you should surely go for it. There could be many interesting facts you have experienced in your life may be sleeping with a celebrity or have gone through some rough phase or had an interesting girlfriend or caught while changing in horse yard or any other thing which makes you believe that you have got something very interesting that will excite the readers.

Most you must be aware of the story - 'Save The Student' in which group of students were unfortunate and during their pigeon fly smashed the window, but they sold this unique story and made handsome money. If you are at ease with filming videos, then you can always film out your friends doing weird or exciting stuff and sell those videos in You Have Been Framed, and you can earn good money. This few seconds of videos not only give you fame but side by side you will earn good amount of money.


37. Start Selling Your Unwanted Stuff Like Junk Clothes

You must be aware that if you want to take out your junk, then the best name which comes to our mind is eBay, You can sell anything on this website from your old electronic gadgets to your used accessories, and the good news is that you can also sell your clothes online with eBay.

You need to follow up on the things required for online auction, and you can sell your fashionable clothes at excellent rates. Some of the traders always act ahead and always know what going to be the trend shortly and earn lots of money by assuming the trend. If you are good at analyzing the upcoming trends and fashion, then you can always buy the things in bulk, and as per trend you can sell and earn a lot of money.

If you are new to this field and still want to try your hand at it then you must read and educate yourself about online trading and sell the clothes on eBay, surely you will get the required knowledge, and you will start to earn handsomely.


38. Try Network Marketing

This is the very popular form of the business model, and usually, you don't have to invest anything to get enrolled, it is also called 'Multi-level Marketing,' and it uses to function in following two ways. You can make a handsome commission by selling the products offered to you and by making or recruiting the people who will go out there and perform the selling activities. The main benefit of recruiting people under you for making a sale is that you will also get a commission for their every sale. And as a student, you can choose between the two or can opt for the both, but this is also a very easy way to make money if you can convince the people for the products or can convince to join your team.

You should always keep in mind that this is not the pyramid system as they are illegal in almost most of the countries, and there is end goal involved is that customer should buy the service or product. So if you keep recruiters under you won't work out.

You won't earn much money very soon, as you have to work for it seriously and apply your efforts for getting some revenue. But thanks to social media and other networks which have flourished and you can easily target your customers via working online or face to face.

This very genuine and serious option for you as a student to make money and that too on your terms and it will worth if you spend some time on it. You can also make yourself aware of many 'Multi-Level Marketing' schemes and techniques you can do online research and also get the opinion of the people who are already doing it. If you don't have time to go out and communicate with the people try reading "The Business Of The 21st Century", it will surely help you as a fresher in this field.


39. Indulge In property Business By 'Sourcing The Property To Investors'

You must be aware that there is huge money involved in the property business, and prices are growing day by day you must have thought that you can't get into this business, and as a university student, you can't even think of it.

But the fact is you can still earn lots of money and can be a part of property business; you must be thing how can you do that- the answer is you can make a large sum of money by simply suggesting good property to potential investors and can earn huge amount as a commission.

The basic technique which you can follow is searching the properties which are below market rates and recommend it the investors who are in search of the property; you can offer every detail of the property to these investors and against that you can have a huge commission. This is global business prevailed almost in every part of the world, and people are earning great amount just y cracking the property deals.

In most of the cities, they arrange monthly networking events for proprietor and investors, and you can always follow them, sign up for those events and start distributing your business cards to the potential investors. The one big deal if you crack in a year will be enough to spend your whole years, and you can manage all your yearly expenses with one such big deal. You can also make use of social media presence like Twitter or LinkedIn to perform these activities.

You should make yourself sure that this not quick way of making money but once you are famous in the list of investors and the people who wish to purchase or invest their money in the property you can have a very lucrative life. You can always educate yourself about the tricks and techniques to be property advisor and if you spend your few weeks or months working on them what you have learned or understood you will inevitably become rich and lead a good life. But don't forget your duties as a student and always bear in mind all these things you are doing it for just money. Most of you may have your career in this in future but understand the basics and start doing the right things at the right time.


40. Make YouTube Videos or Manage YouTube Channel

Recent studies have shown that YouTube is the second largest search medium after Google and its viewers and subscribers are growing at a rapid pace. And with 'YouTube Pattern Program' you can earn huge amount of money simply by uploading videos. You must be thinking how you can earn money by simply uploading your videos on YouTube - well YouTube provide you the platform to showcase your talents and skills and in return, you can get the share of the revenue generated with per thousand views of or YouTube Videos.

You must be thinking further what sort of videos you can upload, well you can upload anything in which you think you will get viewers whether is it cooking videos or online video tutorials, you can also upload any funny videos related to you or animals. So, you don't need to be very creative while uploading YouTube videos but yes many people are managing YouTube channels and reported to earns thousands of dollars per month, but you as the student should try anything in which you are good, or any video which you think will get your views.

You must be amazed to know that you can make a lot of money and many people are making their career as YouTuber.

If you are new to the YouTube platform, you can always understand the basics required for uploading YouTube videos, and it's features and tips so that you can make much money in a concise time.

Besides these, there are many other creative ways to make money we will come up with those articles very soon, till then enjoy and implement the things which are mentioned here.

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