Managing Your LinkedIn Account When You Are Searching For A Job

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When you do not have any job or in search of the new job you will think to update your LinkedIn profile. But side by side, you must be thinking what to include in your LinkedIn profile and when you need to get the job a hurry you will be very confused about the things to include in your profile. While searching for the job you should also be managing your LinkedIn account.

You are already rushing to the job, and there are so many things that you need to put in your LinkedIn profile, like what would be the professional headline of the profile, how and what will you include in your skills and experience.

The main aim to update the LinkedIn profile is to attract the potential employers and hiring managers. And you should be very careful what to include in your LinkedIn profile. If you put, any incorrect content or your profile looks immature the potential employers or hiring managers will run away.


Things to Include in Your LinkedIn Profile When You're Unemployed

The basic thing which you should always keep in mind is that there can be so many things you can include in your LinkedIn profile related with your skills and expertise, but you should always include the exact and correct information about yourself. Because your perspective or future employer can easily check out the details about your past, so it is always better to include the accurate and genuine information in your profile.

But when you are unemployed and searching for the job, it is your choice whether you need to include about your unemployment in your profile or not.

And in case you opted to include information about your unemployment status, then you can write the headlines for your LinkedIn profile like - 'Looking For Opportunity, ' or you can also add Open For Job.' In this way, the potential employers can get to know that you are currently out of work and looking for the job opportunity.

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To Update Your LinkedIn Profile Or Not, Would Be A Smart For You?

An essential alternative is to put an end date on your last position and not include another one. That way your Profile is in fact amend and you're not featuring your status of being jobless.

You could likewise consider refreshing your status field in your Profile, so your connections or networks realize that you're searching for an occupation. You can refresh it with, "Smith is currently seeking for the job." If you know anybody who is hiring, please let me know" or "Samantha is keen on independent open doors. Let her know whether somebody in your network needs assistance in technical writing & editing." It's a quick and straightforward approach to let people you're associated with realizing that you could utilize their support.

It has been seen many times that when you have updated LinkedIn profile, and your profile status gives an idea to your network that you are searching for a job. Then most of the times the updated LinkedIn status will land you in a job fast.

Below you will find few examples of what to incorporate into the Current Position & Professional Headlines sections of your LinkedIn Profile when you're jobless or looking for one:

Jobless LinkedIn Professional Headline Examples

  • Effectively Seeking Employment
  • Looking for a New Opportunity
  • Jobless and Looking for Work
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Currently Exploring Options
  • Recent College Graduate Seeking Entry-Level Programming Position
  • Operations Logistic Professional Seeking Work
  • Experienced Retail Manager Available for New Opportunity
  • Accessible for Employment
  • Available for New Opportunities
  • Marketing Professional in Transition

Posting your present position can be a puzzle, too. It has been seen that many Profiles that list "Jobless" or "Looking for New Position" as the company name. Another option is that if you are self-employed or doing freelance work you can add in your company sections as - 'self-employed' or 'freelancer.'


Jobless LinkedIn Current Position Examples

  • Open to Opportunities at Seeking New Position
  • Expert at Self-Employed
  • Looking for a Position at Unemployed
  • Jobless and Looking for a Great Job at Unemployed
  • Searching for a Job in Human Resources at Unemployed
  • Understudy at
  • Late Graduate at
  • Independent Writer at Self-Employed

One thing to remember when saying you're jobless is that there can, lamentably, the predisposition in the work environment against unemployed occupation searchers. Many recruiters or hiring managers hold on in offering job to candidates who are working currently, even though if anybody has lost his job due to a recession, and there are chances that even the best or skilled worker is jobless due to that.

In case it increases your worries, consider posting your Current Position as "self-employed." You can likewise show yourself as searching for work quickly in the wake of losing your occupation, and after that change to "self-employed" if your initial status doesn't draw the sorts of offers you're searching for.


In Case You Have Left The Job Voluntarily

There are the chances that you have left your current position voluntarily, and if it is so, it is advisable to clarify the things in your current job sections:

Current Position Description: Effectively looking for new open doors after deliberately leaving my last spell at banking sector with a long record of progress and solid recommendations, please see below for more details and my expertise.

Past Position Description: Left occupation willfully in with kind remarks & standing with a reputation for progress and fantastic recommendations. Please see underneath for further details.


In Case You Don't Want To Update Your LinkedIn Profile

A choice to get around posting the way that you're jobless is to leave your LinkedIn Profile as seems to be, without doing any updating.

Although it's not exact and could be an issue for an imminent boss, it doesn't publicize the way that you're out of work. You couldn't refresh your Profile by any means; just as you had 'overlooked'  or 'forgot' to refresh it.

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