Learn How to Write No-Notice Resignation Letter Example or Immediate Resignation Letter

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write No-Notice Resignation Letter Example. Checkout below few samples of No-Notice or Immediate Resignation Letter Templates
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We have understood till now, after reading many resignation letters, that two weeks' resignation notice is considered as official resignation notice.

As it was always helpful for both you and your employer, it gives time to you to wrap up the things and complete the pending office task at the same time; it will help your employer to plan your replacement.

While as a faithful and sincere employee, you have always made up your mind to inform your immediate boss or employer with a two-week notice, but sometimes such circumstances arise that you have to resign immediately and leave your position from the office or company.

In such a situation, what will be your move, will you resign without not informing your immediate boss or employer? Will, you did not provide any notice to your employer?

Before making any decisions, you should always foresee and analyze the situations which are going to develop when you have planned to resign without any notice.

If you have decided that you are going to resign without any notice to your immediate boss or employer, you should go through the no notice resignation letter examples provided below.

These examples will give you some idea about what to write in a letter when you have planned to resign immediately and why you have not able to give your employer two weeks' notice.

Below you will find a few tips on how to write the no notice resignation letter; you can always improvise it with your particular situation or circumstances.


Tips To Write No-Notice Resignation Letter or Immediate Resignation Letter

The tips below will be handy when you are in the situation to write no notice resignation letter.


Have a conversation with your employer first:

If possible, always talk or have a discussion with your immediate boss or employer that you are going to resign immediately. Then you can follow up with an official resignation letter; you can send an email resignation message also to your employer and HR department, talking with your employer before resigning will certainly going to help you out in this situation.


Specify the date:

In your resignation letter, it is always advisable that you should specify the time of your resignation if you still have a week before resigning, determine clearly in your resignation letter if you have planned to leave immediately specify that also in your message. As it will give some ideas to your employer to reschedule the work system and find your replacement.


No need to go into details:

You don't require to write every aspect in your resignation letter that why you want to leave, and what will be your further plans to keep the resignation letter to the point and as brief as possible.


Be Thankful:

Your resignation is the optimum time for you to express your gratitude for the time that the company has provided you with your professional and individual growth. It may happen or possible that you are unhappy with the company on some issues, so better not to mention all those negative expressions in your resignation letter.

Always try to maintain an excellent relationship with your immediate boss or current employer as maybe you need to get referred from him in the future.


Clarify your queries:

As you are giving immediate resignation notice to your employer, is it always advisable that you should clear all your doubts and questions regarding last paycheck, company benefits, company equipment, or any other details regarding your interests or your work. Your resignation letter provides you with an excellent opportunity to ask these questions and clarifies all the terms.


Provide contact details:

As you are resigning immediately, it may be possible that your company or employer will need you in the near future, so you should always provide them with your contact details in your resignation letter like- your mobile number, your email address, your permanent address if required.

Providing your employer or company is beneficial to you as well as to your employer sometimes as you have decided to leave immediately, and maybe shortly, you both need each other for some projects or assignments.


Always follow professional business letter format:

Always frame and professionally write your resignation letter, use proper words and format, and don't include any negative words in your resignation letter.

Sometimes it may happen that you don't have the time to write the resignation letter to your immediate boss or employer, as you are already planned to leave the workplace immediately, and you don't have time to write the letter, in that case, you can also inform your boss or employer with resignation email message.


Below you will find No-Notice Resignation Letter Template or Immediate Resignation Letter Sample:

Mention Your Name
Mention Your Address
Mention Your City, Zip, Postal Code
Include Your Phone Number
Include Your Email Address



City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Please accept this letter as notification of my resignation from the post of "Post Name" from XYZ Company, which will be effective from the 21st of September. I really regret and apologize that I have not been able to provide you with two weeks' resignation notice as some circumstances and situations made me do so, and I need to resign immediately.

I would like to know the remaining process of my sudden resignation and what are the extra benefits and having my last paychecks.

I can receive my remaining paycheck through the HR department or can also obtain it at my residential address.

I would like to pay my regards to you for all the support that I have received from you during my tenure in the company, and I would never forget the guidance which you have provided me during my tenure in the business.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Signature

Your Typed Name

Below you will find quick resignation email message:

As you have planned for an immediate resignation letter, then it may be possible that you don't have time to provide your written resignation letter. In that case, you can also offer resignation email messages, and you can get the tips for writing email messages from our previous resignation messages.


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