Learn How to Write Nurse Resignation Letter Samples

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Nurse Resignation Letter Samples. Checkout few samples below we wrote nurse resignation letter templates
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If you are into the nursing profession, then you should understand the requirements and essentials of the nurse resignation letter.

Being into the nursing profession is very tough, and usually, they don't have time because of a hectic schedule, so when you have decided to leave the job, you should give proper resignation letters or email message so that you don't go your negative impression while leaving the job.

Because of not having a proper understanding of resignation letter format and what needs to be written in a resignation letter, nursing professional land in the loss and don't able to have a positive impact on their employers.

As the first impression is essential for you too, in the same way, the last opinion is also critical when you are into the nursing profession, and your letter of resignation serves your previous impression, that you as an employee leaves behind to your employer.

Your letter must contain all the necessary things and specify precisely why you are leaving the job. Your nurse resignation letter should have the proper format, and all essential elements should be determined apparently without having a negative tone or using any negative words or phrases.

Below you will find the essentials which you should include in your nurse resignation letter and sample of the message so that you can use it while drafting your resignation letter. Your letter should contain them and explain to your employer precisely why you have decided to leave the job.


The things which you should include in your nurse resignation letter       

The first significant thing that your message should have is the date of your resignation in the workplace; your letter must specify the date of your resignation very explicitly so that your employer manages your replacement at a particular time.

You should be thankful to all your colleagues and seniors in your letter and express your gratitude as you have got the opportunity to work with them. Your resignation not only paves your way for a new job but also giving you the chance to have long-term relations with your previous employer.

When you are presenting your nursing resignation letter, it must contain salutation, a subject line, the sender's and recipient's name and job position in which you are serving in the organization. The resignation letter should have a proper and robust body, as well as the words which you are using in your letter, should be polite.

Below you will find the example of a sample nurse resignation letter that you can use while writing your resignation letter so that it will help to make the process for your much simpler and more straightforward.

The letter will help you to write various things which should be included in the message, of course, you can adapt it as per your situation and circumstances.    

The resignation letter format below will help you to leave your job on a positive note and to explore new opportunities and at the same time, help you to maintain a healthy relationship with your previous employer or organization.


Nurse Resignation Letter Sample #1

Mention Your Name
Mention Your Post
Address Line 1
Include City, State, Zip Code


Include Your Employer's Name
Mention Employer's Post0
Mention Name of The Organization
Address Line 1
Include City, State, Zip Code



Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have decided to take resignation as a "Your Post" from "Mention Organization Name." My last date of work in the organization will be the 30th of this month.

I enjoyed working at "Mention Organization Name," and it was rewarding in many ways, my heartiest wishes for all the residents and staff for the future.

I will appreciate it if you need me for my help or assistance during my last days in the workplace.

Respectfully Yours,

Your Signature (If it is printer or hard copy letter)

Your Name


Nurse Resignation Letter Sample #2

If you don't have time to write a resignation letter, you can convey your resignation through email also, in your subject line mention your name followed by "Resignation." 

In the first paragraph of your email, mention the reason apparently that you are planning to resign from your current post. You don't need to include the exact reason for your resignation and no need to give details about your further job.

When you are writing an email resignation message, you should always re-check it before clicking on the send button, as once your email is being sent, you can't do or edit it.

So before sending, always keep in mind to proofread and double-check your email resignation message before sending it to your employer or supervisor.

Keep the fit body of the email resignation message and always use positive words and phrases in your letter, and follow the proper format of your email resignation message. 

It is always advisable not to be complaining in your email resignation message; it may have happened that you had some bad experiences during your work tenure. 

But your resignation is not the time when you mention all those things in your letter; your resignation is providing you the chance to build your last impression too as your first impression and keep the bridges on between you and the employer or organization.

Well, in our previous articles, we have provided many samples of email resignation messages. Each email message has a different situation and circumstances.

So if you need you can follow those email messages, you can also find in our previous articles about proper format and body of email messages. You can follow those email resignation messages and modify them as per your situation and circumstances.



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