Physical Therapist Resume And Cover Letter Sample

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While applying for an occupation as a physical therapist, it is essential to feature all required is educational details and all the certifications you have able to achieve in this field. You ought to incorporate all past understanding and participation in a simple to-peruse and subsequent request, furnishing the employing manager or board of trustees with knowledge into your range of abilities and professional interests. Let us go through the physical therapist resume and cover letter sample.

The following is an example cover letter and resume for a physical therapist. They ought to be utilized as a guideline for your help to begin. Additionally, you should also know the list of aptitudes to incorporate when you're writing to apply for occupations.


Let Us Go Through The Example of Physical Therapist Cover Letter

You will get to see here the cover letter example for a physical therapist position for your understanding and guidelines. The matter given in this cover letter is just for an example so that you can have the idea how should be the cover letter for the physical therapist should be. You can add or customize the cover letter according to your specific requirements and needs, and can also edit it as per your particular situation.


Here is a Physical Therapist Cover Letter Example - Text Version

Full Name of The Applicant

Name of The Street

City Name, State Name - Zip Code

Applicant Mobile Number

September 1, 2018


First Name Last Name - Of the concerned person

Post Name, a name of The Department

Name of The Hospital or Organization

Name of The Street

City Name, State Name - Zip Code


Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. Last Name (Of Concerned Person),

I might want to express my substantial enthusiasm for the Physical Therapist - PT, the position at Health Hospital as publicized on your clinic site. I am an accomplished, gifted physical therapist whose energy for helping individuals lines up with your clinic's central goal to offer good consideration. I realize I would be an advantage for your association.

I as of late earned my Doctor of Physical Therapy - DPT, with distinction, from ABC University, where I picked up involvement as an exercise based therapist assistant in an assortment of settings. I have encountered working with a wide range of customers, including the pediatric, juvenile, grown-up, and geriatric patients. These temporary positions have sharpened my abilities in different medicines, from muscle re-teaching to electrotherapy to hydrotherapy. I am along these lines very much prepared to deal with the assortment of patients and situations that a physical therapist at Health Hospital would treat.

Be that as it may, my aptitudes go past clinical learning and specific capacity. The two patients and guides have lauded my solid relational abilities. I am ready to viably disclose methods to patients and answer any inquiries they have, continually talking in a patient and compassionately tone. Notwithstanding when I am conveying an especially overwhelming caseload, I generally set aside the opportunity to talk with every patient, and ensure they feel tremendous and sure about their therapist plan.

I have encased my resume for your survey. I will get in touch with you one week from now to check whether we can talk face to face about the manners by which I could profit your healing facility. Much thanks to you such a significant amount for your time and thought.



Signature (printed version letter)

Full Name of the Applicant


In Case You Like To Send The Email Cover Letter

When you're sending an email cover letter to incorporate your contact details & information in your email signature, and don't list the business contact details & information. Begin your email message with a professional greeting, and list your name and the job or employment title in the subject of your message.


Let Us Go Through The Physical Therapist Resume Example

First Name Last Name of The Applicant

Full Address of The Applicant

Contact Number Details

Name of The Street

City Name, State Name - Zip Code


Educational Details

Doctor of Physical Therapy - DPT

City University, City Name, State Name

Anticipated Graduation - June 20XX

GPA - 3.65


Partner of Applied Science, Physical Therapist Assistant Program

City College, City Name, State Name

June 20XX

GPA - 3.86


Proficient Experience

Physical Therapist Intern, XYZ Medical Center, City Name, State Name

June 20XX - Present

# Assess, plan therapist, and regulate care to singular patients through a coordinated effort with PT consultant.

# Update and keep up graphs to reflect techniques finished and tolerant advancement.

# Take an interest in physical therapist and word related therapist sessions for various patient types.


Exercise-based therapist Intern, City Physical Medicine Clinic, City Name, State Name

August 20XX

# Controlled doctor endorsed medicines, including exercise regiments, for patients with horrendous mind damage.

# Prepared in and managed electrotherapy, warm therapist, and hydrotherapy medicines.

# Updated and kept up diagrams to reflect methods finished and understanding advancement.


Physical Therapist Assistant, Modern City Hospital, City Name, State Name

January 20XX - July 20XX

# Regulated PT-recommended medicines, including muscle extending and reinforcing.

# Trained patients and their parental figures in home therapist programs.

# Directed physical therapist associates, giving at work preparing to new assistants.


Additional Experience

Area Teacher, City University, City Name, State Name - Zip

March 20XX-Present

# Plan and show week by week survey sessions for twenty first-year understudies in different basic courses.

# Give one-on-one scholastic encouraging to first-year understudies in starting courses.



Country Physical Therapy Association

20XX - Present

Physical Therapist Student Association

20XX - Present

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