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Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Professional Resignation Letter Example. Checkout some amazing Professional Resignation Letter Templates
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When you have finally decided that you are leaving your current job, then it is always advisable to inform your company with a professional resignation letter so that it will come into their notice that you will be resigning.

This formal notice of yours will make your impression healthy and confident in front of their eyes as an employee.

Providing a resignation letter to your company or organization will also be helpful to you as you will be in need of reference and recommendations in the future.

It is always a good idea to write every critical point regarding your resignation in the letter including your resigning date, as it will give the clear impression to your employer or organization that when you will be resigning, and there will be no confusion related to your resignation, and everything works out smoothly for you.

Below you will find the example of a professional resignation letter which you can use to write your resignation letter, in addition to that you will also get many tips on how to write and what information you should include in your professional resignation letter. It will also guide you in handling your remaining days in the company.


Professional Resignation Letter Sample #1

June 20, 20XX

Mr./Ms. Name
Senior Manager
ABC Company
XYZ North Street
City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr./Ms. Manager

I am writing this letter to notify you that I would be resigning from ABC Company from the post of Accounts Officer. My last date of employment in the company will be July 1.

I appreciate the opportunities given to me during my tenure in the company and thankful for the support and guidance of my seniors, which enhanced my knowledge and skills.

My best wishes are always you and hopeful for further growth of the company.

If I can do any needful help and assist the company during my transition period, please let me know.

Very Sincerely,
Signature (If it is hard to copy letter)
Your Name


Below you will find the necessary information which you should include in your letter:

You should always keep in mind the professional resignation letter should be brief, and to the point, you are also not obliged to provide the details to your current employer the reason for your leaving the job or when you are going to work or what will be the name of your new company.

You must always include three points when you are providing a professional letter to your current employer:

  • Presenting the fact accurately and clearly that you are leaving the company or organization.
  • Never forget to mention the last day of your employment in the company.
  • You should write about the opportunity that the company has provided you to work with them and you should thank them for all their time and support.

Since you are giving formal notice to your employer or company, so the date of your professional resignation letter is already being included and recorded. 

If any other department of your business will look at your letter in the future, they will undoubtedly have the proof and record that you have already provided them with two weeks' notice.

This will also ease out your situation in the company, and you can extend your help to the firm.

The most important information you can include in your professional resignation letter is the date of your resignation. It will help both you and your employer to have smooth working and functioning of the company during the transition period.

Providing your resignation date will also help in building your impression, and you can leave the job on a positive note. It may happen that you are not happy with some things in your office or you do not have the proper rapport with some of your colleagues, but when presenting the professional resignation letter, you should not include any negativity or complain about your colleagues or company.

It is always advisable to keep your letter civilized and generous; this is the time for you to be liberal not to be the complainer. Always keep in mind whenever you are letting your employer or company know that you are resigning, it provides you with the opportunity to bring positivity, and it will be beneficial to you also.

Your professional resignation letter should be presented to your employer or organization as well as the HR department of the company. 

You have got both the option available you can submit your resignation letter as a hard copy or as an email message. 

You can read various email resignation messages which we have already provided before to understand the things required for the email resignation; you can also take help from the more resignation letter samples to get the proper idea when you are presenting your professional resignation to your employer or organization.


Below You, Will Find The Things Which You Should Know Before Resigning

It may have possible that you have signed the contract when joining the company or organization, so you must know all the terms and conditions written in your contract while presenting your professional resignation letter to your employer or organization.

So it is always advisable that even if you have presented your current employer with two weeks' notice, but it should not drag you into a lousy impression

As you have made your mind to give resignation from your present company or organization, and also your current employer may consider and accept your resignation immediately, but you should always have plans for your next scenario and have a close look at your financial situation. 

Also, it is very appreciable if you clear out all your computer and desk before resigning. Suppose you have presented your resignation on short notice, then maybe you don't have much time to copy the information you need from your computers like required email contacts.

Any other useful stuff, then you should always have healthy relations with your current employer or company so that you can visit the office even after your resignation and collect the essential data which is required for you.


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