Sample of a Reference Letter For A High School Student

If you are writing a reference letter for a highschool student, here is the reference letter sample
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There can be a moment when you are required to write a reference letter for a high school student. Your reference letter ought to incorporate details & information on the way you know the student, why you would like to recommend them, and what qualities they have that will enable them to prevail at work or in school.

In case your letter will be utilized as a significant aspect of a work application. Request that the student furnish you with a duplicate of the expected set of responsibilities they're applying for, the name and email address of the employer, and a copy of the resume of the student in case they have the one.

If not, request a list of activities the student is associated with. It should give you a lot of details & information to work with as you compose your letter. In the body of the letter, endeavor to underline the characteristics of the student that you feel talk most straightforwardly to the capabilities and abilities that an employer or a school is looking for.

Close your letter by saying that you recommend the student and offer to give extra details & information, is vital. Even though the student might not have formal work involvement, you can provide a reliable reference in light of the limit in which you know them.


Things Which You Can Include In Your Reference Letter

-- How you know the person - You should adequately specify in your letter that how you come to know the particular person.

-- To what extent you have identified the individual - Specify the number of years how long you know the person.

-- What the student has achieved - You should adequately need to specify the skills, abilities, and aptitude of the student for whom you are writing the reference letter.  

-- Why you are prescribing them - You should provide the honest and genuine reason for why you are recommending the person.

-- Provide the details & information to get in touch with you for follow-up questions - It is necessary to provide your contact information so that the reader can get in touch with you if any additional information is needed.

Below you will get to see both a sample character reference letter and an employer reference letter for the student.


# Sample Character Reference Letter For A Student

Below is the example character reference for a student who was a mother's aide and worked in a retail shop.

To Whom it May Concern:

I have had the joy of utilizing 'First Name' & 'Last Name' for a long time. Amid the times of our associate, I have worked with 'First Name' in various limits. She has been my mom's partner since the introduction of my first youngster five years back. Her duties in this part have expanded substantially from that point forward with the resulting expansion of our second tyke.

'First Name' looks after children engage the two kids, now a pre-schooler and a baby for three evenings every week. She is additionally pleasing and adaptable to dealing with the kids immediately in the nighttime and on the ends of the week.

'First Name' has additionally been included with an assortment of undertakings at my local employer, a claim to fame shop that fits ladies for mastectomy, pressure, maternity, and nursing items.

Her encounters, notwithstanding client interface, have included taking a shot at inventories, composing our pamphlet, and refreshing our mailing list and site.

'First Name' is an astute, capable, and amiable young lady. She is constantly sharp-witted, with sensible responses in every one of the conditions I've seen her in. I feel sure about saying that she is equipped to take care of any circumstance with astuteness and development.

Kindly get in touch with me at - or XXX.YYY.ZZZ if you have any inquiries, I can respond in due order regarding you.


Your Name


# Sample Of A Reference Letter For A High School Student

The accompanying is an example of a reference letter for work composed for a secondary school student looking for an occupation.

Dear Mr. Last Name,

I comprehend that 'First Name' 'Last Name' has connected for work as an assistant at your B&B for the up and coming summer season.

'First Name' has filled in as a server in my eatery for as long as two summers. She is a diligent employee, dependable on time, and bright. I have been awed by her capacity to oversee amid tumultuous circumstances, continually staying in charge, and keeping the clients upbeat. She coexists well with her colleagues and in addition to the administration group.

'First Name' is a brilliant young lady, and I am sure that she will exceed expectations for whatever activity she embraces. I can eagerly recommend her for the position that you have open.

It would be ideal if you let me know whether you have any further inquiries. I can get available to you at XXX-YYY-ZZZZ or

Best Regards,

Your Name


Sending an Email Reference

In case you're sending your reference in an email, incorporate the student's name in the subject of the message as given below:

Subject: 'First Name' & 'Last Name' - Reference

Make it a point that the above two samples are just for your guidance. You can always edit them as per your specific situation and circumstances.


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