Learn How to Write Resignation Letter Because of Company Changes

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Resignation Letter Because of Company Changes. Checkout below some samples of resignation because you are changing the company
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It may happen many times during your corporate career that you need to change the current job due to changes in the company. A company you are working is undergoing some untenable changes, and you need to quit, in this situation, it is always best to let your immediate boss or employer know that you want to leave the job through your formal resignation letter.

Letting your immediate boss or employer know through your resignation letter will have a positive impact on them, and you also need your present employer to have the referral or provide you the recommendation which you always need while changing the job. So, always leave with a positive term and no need to burn any bridges.

In your resignation letter, you don't need to write about the company environment, which has become bad for you but instead focus on positive aspects like how your job change will improve your career further and essential for you to for professional growth.


What to include in your resignation letter

When you are proving the information to your employer about your job change through a written resignation letter, then below are the things which you can include in your letter:

The Current Date:

You should always write the date of writing the resignation letter, as it will help the employer to keep the evidence that you have submitted the resignation letter on two weeks' notice.

The Fact That You Are Resigning:

You should always mention the fact that you are resigning in a clear and perfect tone; it will make your employer understand the facts.

Last Day of Work:

It is always advisable to mention the last date of your employment in the office, as it will help the employer to manage your replacement at a particular time.

Your Signature: 

Never to include your signature at the bottom of your resignation letter, whether it is handwritten resignation or it is a resignation email message, always provide the signature of yours in your resignation letter.


In your resignation letter Always leave a positive note

As you want to leave the company or organization on a positive note, you should always provide your employer or immediate boss with sufficient notice of your departure. You can also provide the following information in your resignation letter along with the things mentioned above:

1. Your resignation is a perfect time to thank your immediate boss or employer for the opportunity they have provided you to work with them, as it will leave a favorable impression of yours in your last days in the office.

2. You can also offer a helping hand during your transition period, like providing instruction to your replacement, providing notes related to the official work so that new candidate will find it easy to work in the new environment and you can also help him out with passwords and official files on which you were working.

3. You can also provide help to your employer or immediate boss to find your new replacement as well as you can also provide official training and guidance to your replacement.


You may also like to include the reasons for your resignation in your letter, below you will find the guidelines where you can stay positive in your resignation letter and spin any negative results of the company into your advantage of personal growth and satisfaction:

Instead of writing that you did not like the changes in the company, you can write your resignation letter that you want to move on in your career and what to explore new growth opportunities.

1. You can mention in your resignation letter that you were overloaded with responsibilities, and you want to have fewer responsibilities.

2. You can always mention that you need to have a change in your career.

3. You can also mention to your employer that you need a shorter commute to work.

4. You can also mention that you want to have a balance between work and life.


The things which you should not include in your resignation letter

If you want to have further recommendations in your career, so it is not advisable to thrash your company or organization while you are resigning from your current job or position. Avoid complaining about your co-workers or any other staff and don't let them feel that the changes which are going on in the company are not suitable for you.

It is also advisable not to harp about the unbearable environment in the company; after all, you don't want to have negative terms with your employer or immediate boss while resigning.

I think you are smart enough not to say any negative things on social media, too, as who knows who will read your words and what impact it will bring to you and may affect the positive growth of your career. In fact, your future employers too can read your negative words, and nobody wants to employ the vindictive whiner.


Resignation Letter Example Because of Changes in The Company

Below is the sample of resignation letter because of organizational changes in the company. You can use this letter as a guideline when you write your resignation letter.

Sophie Kelly
Company Name
Address Line 1
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Ms. Kelly,

I am writing this letter to make your notice that I will be resigning officially from the post of manager of XYZ Company. I will be leaving in two weeks, i.e., on the 8th of October, as per my contract.

I much appreciate working with you and thankful for the opportunity which you have provided me, recent organization changes in the XYZ Company have changed my position. 

I feel that it would be great for my career if I work as an Operational Manager, as it helps me to grow professionally, and I like to gain experience in both industrial management and production control.

If I can assist you during this transition period, please let me know.

Your Signature (If it is hard to copy of your resignation letter)
Your Name



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