How to Write Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Email Message?

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Many factors can lead to your resigning from employment. These reasons may include a change of location, promotion & transfer, got another opportunity, or some personal reasons. Whatever may be the reason, you should always leave your workplace gracefully and on a high level.

While you are on the job or in employment, presenting two weeks' notice is considered as standard practice. When that time comes when you have opted to leave the post, you should always provide notice to your immediate boss or employer.

While doing so, you are informing your employer that you are leaving the company. At the same time, you are giving them enough time to arrange for your replacement and other necessary things.

But when finally, you choose to leave your place of employment. It's best to tell your immediate boss or employer face to face, if possible, that you are leaving your job or employment. Afterward, catch up with a formal resignation letter. It's best to give your boss no less than two weeks notice' when you intend to leave the workplace.

If you have to inform your immediate boss or employer of your acquiescence immediately, you may need to send a resignation email rather than a letter. Regardless of the possibility that you send an official letter or tell your immediate boss or employer face to face, you may submit a subsequent email later on.

Below you will know the details & information on why you should give two weeks' notice and how to compose a resignation email in addition to that sample email.


Why It Is Needed To Provide Two Weeks Notice

It's critical to give your immediate boss or employer two weeks' notice in the case you can find to get some time for it. It is standard practice while leaving the job or employment.

It gives enough time to you to change out of the workplace and to complete any ventures you can. It additionally provides your immediate boss or employer time to start to enlist and potentially prepare your substitution.

In any case, two weeks' notice isn't lawfully required. If you have a union agreement or employment contract that states how much notice you need to give, unquestionably take after those guidelines.

Something else, do your best to give two weeks' notice. It is a suitable approach to keep up a positive association with your boss or employer, which you can ever need to approach them for a suggestion in the future.

It may be possible that the conditions arise that may expect you to leave before giving two weeks' notice. Which can include a personal crisis or unendurable or dangerous work conditions and in that case, leave immediately.


How To Write A Resignation Letter Email Message

Make further inquiries:

It additionally gives a chance to ask any questions about pay or advantages, for example, where or when you will get your last paycheck. You ought to send the email to both your immediate boss or employer and the Human Resources office. HR will have the capacity to answer these sorts of inquiries.


Give your contact details & information:

You might need to incorporate any non-organization email address or another type of contact details & information, so your boss can connect with you later on.


Express the date:

In the letter, incorporate the time you intend to leave the organization. It will give your immediate boss or employer an unmistakable feeling of your timetable. It will also give your company or organization the time to arrange for the replacement.


No need to provide the information which is not required:

There's no compelling reason to go into a considerable measure of detail in your resignation letter.  It's most vital to pass on that you are leaving, and when your last day will be. You should only provide the information which is required in the resignation letter, no need to give any extra or unnecessary information.


Offer thanks to Your Boss:

Make sure to thank your boss for the open doors you have been given amid your residency. It is likewise a decent minute to offer your thanks for the years you have worked there.


Offer help for the time you are in the Company:

Offer to enable the organization amid the two-week to change. You may provide to prepare another worker, for instance, or to compose a depiction of your day by day work duties and incomplete tasks for your successor.


Don't forget to edit your resignation letter:

Make sure to thoroughly edit your email, settling any spelling or language structure blunders and mistakes. Additionally, ensure that the date you gave for your last day of work is right. Although you are leaving the organization, you need your resignation email to be proficient and to the point.

Always leave the company on the high grounds as you may need the help of your former employer, supervisors, and colleagues in the future. And it is always best to leave on a positive note.


Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Template (Email Message)

Below you will find the sample to write the resignation letter template email message, which you can use just for your guidelines. You can always alter this example as per your situation and circumstances.


Headline: Notice of Resignation - Your Name

Dear Salutation Name of The Employer Or Your Boss,

I am writing to inform you that I am giving two weeks' notice and will leave my post as a Technical Analyst with XXXX Company. My last day at the workplace will be August 25.

If it's not too much problem, let me know whether I can provide any help. I would be happy to provide any advice or support during my remaining time in this organization. You may always contact me with any inquiries on my email,, or my contact number, XXX-YYY-ZZZZ.

I wish you and the organization an achievement in the future. Thank you so much for providing me this opportunity in the first place.


Best Regards,
Your Name


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