Learn How to Write Resignation Email Letter or Resignation Letter by Email

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Examples. Checkout below few samples how you send Resignation Letter by email
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In many cases, in the corporate world, it's not viable to resign in person from your job. Whenever you need to resign via email, please make sure that the resignation email should be polite and professional, and it should contain all your necessary information related to resignation.

Few tips and suggestions to write a resignation email, which you can follow while writing a resignation email, but before sending this email, try to inform your employer or boss in person.


Below you can find email resignation tips as well as samples and templates for various situations:

Provide Two Weeks Notice:

It's recommended to provide a two-week resignation notice as it is considered standard also in your resignation email. It may happen that sometimes it not possible to provide a two-week notice in that situation provide as much time as you can to your current employer or organization. This will undoubtedly help you to build a sound and positive relationship with your employer.


Provide Clear Email Subject Line:

It's always good to provide a clear email subject line in your email resignation email. You can provide the title as -"Resignation followed by your name," in this way, your employer will quickly know what email is all about.


Specify Resignation Date:

It is a good practice while writing resignation letters or emails. You should always provide your resignation date, this will help your employer or immediate to have a clear sense of your resigning plans, and he can manage another option during this period.


No Need To Provide Details:

You don't need to provide the details of why you are leaving the job, just keep your resignation email brief and to the point. No, need to give information about what will be your next job, new employer name, etc.


Express Gratitude:

You can always provide your appreciation and thanks to your company or organization for providing you the opportunity to work with them. It may happen that you are not happy with the company, but still, also you don't need to express your complaint or use any negative words in your resignation email, as it will create the wrong impression of you in the eyes of your employer. Always leave the company on a positive note as you may need a recommendation from your current employer, who knows when you and your boss cross the paths in the future.


Offer Your Help:

As you are resigning, but you must always offer your organization a helping hand, you can help your employer with finding the right candidate, and you can also help your company to train the selected candidate. This will build your image in this transition period.


Explain Your Queries:

Resigning a job also offer you the opportunity where you can remove your questions related to the job like further compensation and benefits which the company can provide you. In addition, you can ask your employer for the last paycheck and many similar advantages. This resignation email you can send to both your organization and human resource section, as human resource development, will answer most of your queries while resigning from the job.


Provide Your Contact Information:

It's always advisable to provide your contact and details like your email and phone number to your current employer as it will help them to be in your contact if they need your further assistance or help. This is important if you are leaving the job right away or on immediate notice.


Methods To Use Email Samples and Templates

If you want to resign via email then email resignation samples will be very helpful and beneficial to you, a sample email resignation will help you with the proper guide what will be the essential things which you can include in your resignation email.

Also, templates providing resignation email will always be very helpful to you, as they will help you out with the layouts of your email resignation and also provide the help with how to write the different sections of resignation email.

As an employee email format and template will always be helpful to you to write a resignation email, but you should always keep in mind to provide the employer with your scenario or circumstances.


Below are the Resignation Email Samples, Templates, and Examples

With the below examples, you can review them and get the appropriate help while writing the email resignation, and the below examples will help you out with proper framing and using relevant things in your resignation email:

Email Letter of resignation Sample: This type of email resignation can be utilized when you have made your mind to resign from the employment.


Email resignation With Two Week Notice: You can always use this type of email resignation when you wish to give your employer a two-week notice and tailor it to fit as per your circumstances.


Resignation Email With Subject Lines: In this category of email resignation, you can provide your employer with subject lines, and in this category, you will find examples of this kind of email. This section will also provide you with help on how to provide a resignation email to the employer.


Email Farewell Message: You can use this type of email resignation when you want to know your colleague, clients, and your connection to that you are resigning from a particular post from a particular company.


Resignation Announcement: You can this type of resignation email when you wish that your coworkers should also know about your resignation. You can send the personal email to the person and every colleague rather than sending the same email to everyone.    


Formatted Email Resignation Message Example:   It's always advisable to announce your resignation personally, but in certain circumstances, if it's not possible, you can use email resignation and keep it simple, brief and to the point.


Now we will see the Resignation Email Letter Or Resignation Letter by Email discussed above:


Resignation Letter by Email Sample #1

Email Subject Line: Resignation - Mention Your Name

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Please accept this message as my notification of resignation from the XYZ company, which will be valid from the 15th of this month.

I appreciate the opportunities which I got in XYZ company and the guidance and support I got from you during my tenure. My best wishes are always with the company for its further success in the future.

Please inform me of my latest schedule of work till my resignation date. If I can assist in any way during this transition period, please let me know.

In the future, you can always contact me on my non-work email - firstname@email.com or on my cell number - XXX-AAA-ZZZZ.


Your Name


Email for Resignation With Two Week Notice Sample #2

Subject Line: Notice of Resignation - Mention Your Name

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

I am writing this email to notify you that I am providing two weeks' notice and will be resigning from the post of Accounts Manager at ABC Company. My last date of employment with the company will be on the 15th of June.

Please let me know if I can provide any assistance during this period of transition; I will be glad to assist and provide any support which is required by the company during my remaining time. You can also contact me during my remaining period in the enterprise and future, too, in my non-work email - name@email.com, or can also contact me on my phone number - XXX-XXX-XXXX.

I wish all the very best for you and the company, and I appreciate the support and guidance I got from the company during my working period with the company.

Best Regards

Your Name


Various Resignation Emails Subject Lines

Below are the various subject lines for the resignation email which you can use while framing your resignation email:

Subject1: Resignation - Mention Your Name

Subject2: Notice of Resignation - Mention Your Name

Subject3: Resignation Effective Immediately - Provide Your Name

Subject4: Resignation Date - Mention Your Name

Subject5: Resignation as to Date - Mention Your Name

Subject6: Pending Resignation - Mention Your Name

Subject7: Announcement of Resignation - Mention Your Name

Subject8: Announcement of Retirement - Mention Your Name

Besides these, you can use another subject for the resignation emails; the above subject is essential guidelines while framing resignation email.


Tips To Write The Body of Resignation Emails

After framing the proper subject line for the resignation email, it is imperative to have proper structure and language of the resignation emails. To begin to use a proper salutation like  Dear Mr./Ms. Name.

Always maintain professional toning throughout the body of the resignation letter, and you must avoid using any negative comments and terms in the email, even if your resignation reasons are not so positive. If you have had enjoyed healthy and favorable terms with your immediate boss or employer, then you should leave the job on a positive note, and you may need their recommendations and references in the future.

Never forget to include your last day of service in the company, and you can mention the reason for resigning briefly. It may be possible that you are having negative reasons for resigning, then you can include the phrase like, "looking for new opportunities" rather than using negative terms or words.

If you still have some days for resigning, then you can offer your help to the company during this period of transition. To maximize the positive tone in your resignation email, you can always express your gratitude towards the company by appreciating the work opportunity they have provided you and which increased your skills and experience in the related field.

Always close your resignation email professionally and include terms like "Sincerely," etc. in your closing lines followed by your name and contact information. Always keep in mind that your resignation email will be permanent records in the books of your company or employer.

Always re-check your resignation email for any spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and typographical errors. You should frame all your attachments with resignation email very professionally, attachments included can be a cover letter, initial application, resume, etc.

It's always on your support to leave the job in the best possible terms you may never know you may encounter your present employer or your colleagues in the future, so you must maintain positive terms with all while resigning. The last thing you can do is to give them a reason to speak ill of you to potential and further employers.


Email Farewell Message Sample

You can get the following things in your email farewell messages:

  • The subject line has your name.
  • The fact that you are moving forward in pursuing another opportunity.
  • Your appreciation for the company, employer, and staff with whom you have worked.
  • Be thankful for the support you have got.
  • How will you miss your colleague and organization?
  • A formal request to keep in touch.
  • Your contact details like your email, contact number, social media account details, etc.
  • Your signature.


The sample for The Farewell Email Message

You can use this sample for the farewell email message to make into the knowledge of your employer, colleagues, staff, etc. know that you are going to move on.

Email Farwell Message Sample-1

Message Subject Line: Mention Your Name


I want to let you know personally that I am going to leave my position at ABC Company. I have enjoyed during my tenure, and I sincerely appreciate having a chance to work with you.

I am thankful for all the support and guidance which I got during my last six years with the company, and I am going to miss the interaction and projects at ABC Company.

I would appreciate your valuable advice as my move to the next phase of my career.

Please be in touch; my contact information is as follows: email - name@email.com, LinkedIn -  LinkedIn.com/in/YourName, Contact Number - XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Again, thank you for all your support and wishes.

Best Regards

Your Name

Email: name@email.com

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/YourName



Email Farwell Message Sample-2

Message Subject Line - Choose an appropriate subject line followed by your name

Dear XYZ,

I have got news to share! I am leaving my job at ABC on the 1st of July this month. I will miss working with you and the rest of the office staff and colleagues at the same time. I am excited to start my new phase of career at QWE Company in August.

I appreciate the support and friendly relations which you have provided during my tenure of working with you; I would accept the fact that we will be in touch even though I am not working with you closely.

My email address is name@email.com, and my phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX, I think we are already connected to social media, so any future contacts and help are appreciated.

I am thanking You again for providing me with the part of your company.

Your Name

The above two are the sample for email farewell messages, and you can always use it as a guide to provide your circumstances and situations.


Resignation Announcement Sample

Let's see how the sample message for resignation announcement sample:

Subject Line - Resignation Announcement - Mention Your Name

Dear XYZ,

I wanted to let you know I am leaving my position at ABC for the post of XXXX as I will start a new position at AAA company from next month.

I appreciate the opportunity which I have got to serve you and thankful for the experience and skills which I have gained during my working tenure.

I would like to thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement you have provided during my working time on ABC. I will always miss my colleagues, office staff, and company, but I would like to face the new challenges which I have got and would like to start the new phase of my career.

I hope we will be in touch in the future, and my contact details are as follows, LinkedIn - Linked.com/Yourname, My Email Address is - yourname@email.com, My Cell Number - XXX-XXX-XXXX.

I am thankful for everything

Kind Regards

Your Name


Formatted Email Resignation Message Sample

Let's see what can be included in formatted email resignation message:

Subject Line: Include the subject line with your name and why you are resigning.

Professional Greetings: You should always include in your email the greetings for your present employer in a professional manner.

The body of Message: The body of your formatted email resignation message should not be more than two or three paragraphs. Make the email message professional and to the point and should be followed up by professional closing.

Signature with Contact Information: You formatted email resignation should end up with your signature and with your contact details like your email, cell number, social media address so that you can be in touch with your current employer in the future too.

In various organizations and companies, they want their employees to include cover letters while they submit their resignation. If your company also follows the same custom, here is the example of how you can provide the cover letter with your email resignation.

Subject - Your Name - Job Title


Email Message

Use the first paragraph of your letter to inform your employer that you are going to resign as you have got a job or opportunity to work with another organization or company; you can also mention the name of the company where you have got the job.

You can use second and if required third paragraph to explain in detail what will be the offerings from your side to your employer and why you are the best fit for the position. The last paragraph of your message should include that thanks were giving a note about hiring you for the job, and you will be a real employee of the post offered.

Close the letter

Your Signature



Tips & Techniques To Resign From Job Via Email

Frankly speaking, email is not the best way to inform your employer that you are resigning from the job; it suits the employees who are working remotely for the organization or company. It is always advisable you should discuss your resignation personally or via phone.

But sometimes due to many circumstances make you use email for notifying your resignation and it's an unavoidable situation many times. These situations mainly occur when you are not going to the office, or you are facing some difficulties in your office. In the following sections, you will be provided with all the necessary guidelines and information when you need to quit the job via email.


Tips to Send Resignation Via Email

If suppose circumstances made you quit the job and you are notifying your employer via email but giving two-week notice is always important as it is considered standard too. It may also happen that giving formal notice is not possible as you are not going to the office or your workplace and you are unable to provide official notice, but you should provide your employer with ample notice as you can to have healthy working relations or having good relations after you leave the job.

You should never think or get a feeling that you should provide the exact details of why you are quitting the job and moreover this not the opportunity for you to complain about your company and co-workers. Always keep your resignation message brief and to the point and only include the details which are required.

Below you will find the tips and techniques on how to send a resignation email message, who should receive your resignation email and tips to write and format for your resignation email.


Whom Should You send Your Resignation Message

You should always send your resignation message to your immediate boss or your employer, along with the copy to the human resource department. You can send this by CC: or BCC: so that you can also have the record of your resignation email message.




More Resignation Letter Samples  



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