Learn How to Write Resignation Letter Format Samples & Examples

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Resignation Letter Format Samples. Checkout below we wrote some resignation letter templates.
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This article about the resignation letter format will guide you to write the resignation letter and which things to be included in your resignation letter. When writing a resignation, keep in mind that your letter should be brief, to the point and convey the correct things or actual things.

You should write clearly in your letter that you are going to resign, and don't forget to mention your resignation date as it will help your employer or immediate boss to manage your replacement.

You can also include some other things in your resignation letter that why you are resigning and you have liked the opportunity which was provided to you, but if it required no need to write it.


Resignation Letter Format Sample #1

Provide Your Contact Information

First Name Last Name
Provide Your Address
Mention City, Zip, Postal Code
Include Phone Number
Include Email Address



Employer Contact Information

City, State, Zip Code



Dear Mr. / Ms/ Last Name,

First Paragraph

In this first paragraph, you should mention clearly that you are going to resign, and don't forget to mention your resignation date clearly to your immediate boss or employer.

Middle Paragraph

The middle paragraph of your letter should include things like how you enjoyed working in the company or organization and how you enjoyed working with your co-workers and colleagues. You can also give thanks for the opportunities the company has provided you to work with them.

Last Or Final Paragraph

You can conclude your resignation by thanking your employer or immediate boss once again, and if required, you can offer your help during the transition period or remaining days of you in the office, but this is optional. Don't promise what you can't deliver.


Sincerely Yours,
Signature (If it printed or hard copy letter)
Typed Signature


You can also send your resignation to your immediate boss or employer through email, so below you will find the tips and format for email resignation message.


Tips To write Email Resignation Message

In many cases, in the corporate world, it's not viable to resign in person from your job. Whenever you need to quit via email, please mail it sure that the resignation email should be polite and professional, and it should contain all your necessary information related to resignation.

Few tips and suggestions to write a resignation email, which you can follow while writing a resignation email, but before sending this email, try to inform your employer or boss in person.

Below you can find email resignation tips as well as samples and templates for various situations:

Provide Two Weeks Notice:

It's recommended to provide a two-week resignation notice as it is considered standard also in your resignation email. It may happen that sometimes it not possible to provide a two-week notice in that situation provide as much time as you can to your current employer or organization. It will undoubtedly help you to build a sound and positive relationship with your employer.

Provide Clear Email Subject Line:

It's always good to provide a clear email subject line in your resignation email. You can provide the title as -"Resignation followed by your name," in this way, your employer will quickly know what email is all about.

Specify Resignation Date:

It is a good practice while writing the resignation letters or email you should always provide your resignation date, this will help your employer or immediate to have a clear sense of your resigning plans, and he can manage another option during this period.

No Need To Provide Details:

You don't need to provide the details of why you are leaving the job, just keep your resignation email brief and to the point. No, need to give information about what will be your next job, new employer's name, etc.

Express Gratitude:

You can always provide your gratitude and thanks to your company or organization for offering you the opportunity to work with them. It may happen that you are not happy with the company, but still, also you don't need to express your complaint or use any negative words in your resignation email, as it will create a wrong impression of you in the eyes of your employer.

Always leave the company on a positive note as you may need a recommendation from your current employer, who knows when you and your employer cross the paths in the future.

Offer Your Help:

As you are resigning but you must always offer your employer a helping hand, you can help your employer with finding the right candidate you can also help your employer to train the selected candidate. It will build your image during this transition period.

Clear Your Queries:

Resigning a job also offer you the opportunity where you can clear your queries related to a position like further compensation and benefits which the company can provide you. Thou can also ask your employer for the last paycheck and many similar interests.

This resignation email you can send to both your employer and human resource section, as human resource development, will answer most of your queries while resigning from the job.

Provide Your Contact Information:

It's always advisable to provide your contact and further information like your email and phone number to your current employer as it will help them to be in your touch if they need your further assistance or help. It is essential if you are leaving the job right away or on immediate notice.


Below are the Resignation Email Samples, Templates, and Examples

With the below examples, you can review them and get the appropriate help while writing the email resignation, and the below examples will help you out with proper framing and using necessary things in your resignation email:

Email Letter of resignation Sample:

This type of email resignation can be used when you have made your mind to resign from employment.

Email resignation With Two Week Notice:

You can always use this type of email resignation when you wish to give your employer a two-week notice and tailor it to fit as per your circumstances.

Resignation Email With Subject Lines:

In this category of email resignation, you can provide your employer with subject lines, and in this class, you will find examples of this kind of email. This section will also provide you with help on how to give a resignation email to the employer.

Email Farewell Message:

You can use this type of email resignation when you want to know your colleague, clients, and your connection to that you are resigning from the particular post from the specific company.

Resignation Announcement:

You can this type of resignation email when you wish that your co-workers should also know about your resignation. You can send a personal email to the person and every colleague rather than addressing the same email to everyone.    

Formatted Email Resignation Message Example:   

It's always advisable to announce your resignation personally, but in certain circumstances, if it's not possible, you can use email resignation and keep it simple, brief, and to the point.

Now we will see the simple examples of each of the resignation email messages discussed above:


Email Letter of Resignation Sample

Email Subject Line: Resignation - Mention Your Name

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Please accept this note as my notification of resignation from the XYZ company, which will be valid from the 15th of this month.

I appreciate the opportunities which I got in XYZ company and the guidance and support I got from you during my tenure. My best wishes are always with the company for its further success in the future.

Please inform me of my latest schedule of work till my resignation date. If I can assist in any way during this transition period, please let me know.

In the future, you can always contact me on my non-work email - firstname@email.com or on my cell number - XXX-AAA-ZZZZ.


Your Name


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