Learn How to Write Resignation Letter for a New Job Opportunity

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Letter of Resignation for your New Job Opportunity. Checkout below few samples for the letter of resignation when you find new job
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Many times in a corporate world, you may want to resign the present job opportunity for upgrading your career and better job opportunity, where you may get better pay and other required facilities.

So, this is the time you should present your new job resignation letter in a very professional manner. You should choose the positive words in your letter, and you should always include complementary and appreciative notes in your letter.

You should not need to mention any negative reasons for your resignation.

Below you will find the tips and advice to write a new job resignation letter, format, and sample.


Few Tips to write New Job Resignation Letter & Email

Convey Your Boss About Your Resignation:

It's always advisable that when you are getting a better or new job opportunity, if possible, tell this to immediate boss or employer as it will ease out your resignation and then follow up with the new job resignation letter.


Pick Out The Time to Write The letter:

Because of the heavy workload and busy schedule in the corporate world, it's very tough for the employees to pick out the time for writing the resignation letter.

So that while writing the letter you should have a lot of time and mentally free so that it should look very professional and you should not miss any important points while writing the letter.

The copy of the new job resignation letter should go to your immediate boss or employee as well as to the human resource department so that it will help them and you to maintain the file. And if you are not finding the time to write a letter, you can send resignation email also to your boss and human resource department.


Specify the date of Leaving:

In your new job resignation letter you should always mention the time of leaving, and always keep in mind you should give at least two weeks' notice to your present employer or boss. Two weeks' notice is considered standard for the resignation letters.


Your Resigning Reasons Should be Brief:

You need not specify your detailed reasons for resigning, keep it very brief and to the point. You can directly inform them that you are resigning as you got the new job, no need to mention any further information besides that like the name of a company, the position or package, or your choice of taking the decision. Just keep it brief and to the point.


Be Positive:

You may also need to get the recommendation from your present employer in the future, so you should avoid any negative remarks about the company, coworkers, or another thing about the organization. Always express your gratitude while writing the new job resignation letter.


Stay Ahead To Offer Help:

It will be a very positive gesture from your side if you offer your contribution to your present employer during this transition period. You can provide them to train the new candidate who is going to take your position or any other advice which will give a positive impression to your present employer.


Include Contact Information:

You should include your contact details in your new job resignation letters like your phone number and email address so that your employer can contact you in the future when you officially leave the job. These contact details can be included in the body of the letter or return address. If you are sending an email for a new job resignation, you can provide your contact details below after your signature.


Follow Proper Format:

If you are writing a new job resignation letter, you should always follow the proper business letter format. You should include the header with the name and address of the company or organization, date and also include your name and address in the section.


Always Re-Edit:

Whether you are sending a letter or email, you should always edit it many times and proofread the resignation letter. Let me remind you that in future you need to have a recommendation from your employer so your letter should look very polished and professional.


New Job Resignation Letter Sample  #1 

Here is the simple example of writing a new job resignation letter to your immediate boss or employer. You can use this letter to understand the format and style of writing the letter but write your situation and circumstances.

Include Your Name
Include Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your E-Mail


Name of Employer
City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I am writing this letter to inform you about the resignation from the post of Account Manager. I have got an offer recently from a company whose branch is very near to my home.

At present most of my time is consumed in traveling, so this new offer will provide me time to spend with my family.

My last date of serving the company will be on the 31st of March.

I have spent quality time while working as a post of Account Manager, I express my gratitude for the help I have got from the company, and I appreciate the experience which I have gained while working in the enterprise.

I appreciate your understanding and support, and my best wishes will always be with my business and co-employees. You are always welcome for your assistance or any other help during this period of transition.

Your Name


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