Learn How to Write or What to Write in your Resignation Letter

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write or what to Write in your Resignation Letter. Checkout some samples below for your letter of resignation Templates
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If you have finally decided to take resignation from your company or organization, then you should always let them know by your formal resignation letter. 

Below you will find the resignation letter template which you can use as your guidelines while writing the resignation letter.


Things Which You Can Include In Your Resignation Letter

Your resignation letter should be brief and have actual contents; you should also specify the date explicitly in your resignation letter when will your last date of employment. If you want, you can also thank your employer or organization for giving you a chance to work with them.

Your letter will be your permanent employment record, so always use positive words and phrases; your resignation is not the time for you to be negative.

Below you will find the sample of resignation letter template examples & samples where you can find out how your resignation letter should look like. You can also see how to send an email resignation message, and things to include in your resignation letter.


Example of Resignation Letter Template

Include Contact Information:

Your Name
Your Address
Mention Your City, State, Zip Code
Include Your Phone Number
Include Your Email Address



Employer Contact Information:

City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr. / Ms. Last Name,

First Paragraph

In the first paragraph of your resignation letter, you should inform clearly to your immediate boss and employer that you are resigning and also specify your resignation date.

Middle Paragraph

In the middle paragraph, you can write thank giving words to your employer for the opportunity they have provided you to work with them, but this is optional if you feel so you can write it.

Last Paragraph

You can conclude your resignation letter with the offer of help which you can do in your last days of employment. Always promise what you can deliver, no need to say what you can't deliver.

Closing Of Letter

Sincerely Yours,
Your Signature (If it is printed or hard copy resignation letter)
Typed Signature


Email Resignation Message

Tips To Write The Body of Resignation Emails

After framing the proper subject line for the resignation email, it is imperative to have an appropriate structure and language of the resignation emails. To begin to use an appropriate salutation like  Dear Mr./Ms. Name.

Always maintain professional toning throughout the body of the resignation letter, and you must avoid using any negative comments and terms in the email, even if your resignation reasons are not so confident.

If you have had enjoyed healthy and positive terms with your immediate boss or employer, then you should leave the job on a positive note, and you may need their recommendations and references in the future.

Never forget to include your last day of service in the company, and you can mention the reason for resigning briefly. 

It may be possible that you are having negative reasons for resigning, then you can include the phrase like "looking for new opportunities" rather than using negative terms or words.

If you still have some days for resigning, then you can offer your help to the company during this period of transition. To maximize the positive tone of your resignation email, you can always express your gratitude towards the company by appreciating the work opportunity they have provided you and which increased your skills and experience in the related field.

Always close your resignation email professionally and include terms like "Sincerely," etc. in your closing lines followed by your name and contact information. Always keep in mind that your resignation email will be permanent records in the books of your company or employer.

Always re-check your resignation email for any spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and typographical errors. You should frame all your attachments with resignation email very professionally, accessories included can be a cover letter, initial application, resume, etc.

It's always in your support to leave the job in the best possible terms you may never know you may encounter your present employer or your colleagues in the future, so you must maintain favorable terms with all while resigning. The last thing you can do is to give them a reason to speak ill of you to potential and further employers.


Formatted Email Resignation Message Sample

Let's see what can be included in formatted email resignation message:

Subject Line: Include the subject line with your name and why you are resigning.

Professional Greetings: You should always include in your mail the greetings for your present employer in a professional manner.

The body of Message: The body of your formatted email resignation message should not be more than two or three paragraphs. Make the email message professional and to the point and should be followed up by professional closing.

Signature with Contact Information: You formatted email resignation should end up with your signature and with your contact details like your email, cell number, social media address so that you can be in touch with your current employer in the future too.

In various organizations and companies, they want their employees to include cover letters while they submit their resignation if your firm also follows the same custom here is the example of how you can provide the cover letter with your email resignation.

Subject - Your Name - Job Title


Email Message

Use the first paragraph of your letter to inform your employer that you are going to resign as you have got the job or opportunity to work with another organization or company; you can also mention the name of the company where you have got the job.

You can use second and if required third paragraph to explain in detail what will be the offerings from your side to your employer and why you are the best fit for the position. 

The last paragraph of your message should include that thanks are giving the note for hiring you for the job, and you will be a sincere employee for the post offered.

Close the letter

Your Signature

The above template is for guidelines only, and you can always restructure it as per your situation and circumstances.



More Resignation Letter Samples 


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