Learn How to Write Simple Resignation Letters Samples & Examples

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Simple Resignation Letters Samples. Checkout below some Examples of Simple letters of Resignation.
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Sometimes it may happen that you have informally brought to the notice of your manager or company of your resignation, but in that case, too, it is necessary to inform them with the resignation letter.

The resignation can be in printed form and should be duly presented, whether you have informed them orally does not matter.

One more option you can have is to email your resignation after informing them orally as it will help to bring a positive impression about you. It is also possible you are not sure about your resignation date but all the relevant information you can provide in your resignation letter.


Why you need to write a resignation letter when you have already informed them orally

The formal resignation letter is always important as it will help the company to document your resignation, and it will assist you as an employee too to have a quiet resignation. 

It will also help your business or organization to evaluate the fact of your resignation, and they can finalize your resignation and give you hassle-free termination.


Critical Points while Drafting This Resignation Letter

The drafting and bringing the employer the notice of your resignation though the letter is significant as it will help your organization or company to understand the fact of your resignation. 

This type of resignation need not be very long but should convey the exact point of the departure. Below are the various events and points which you can include in your resignation letter to make it appreciable.

  • The exact reason or fact for your reason for the resignation.
  • And always mention your last date of work.

And it is always appropriate and appreciable to include thanksgiving lines in your resignation letter.


Simple Resignation Letters Sample #1

Mary Contrary

New Haven, CT, 45776

Phone: xxx-xxx-4563 | abc@Paayi.com

18 June 2001

Ms. Joy Garden
Abby Est
15 Cherry Lane
Haryana, CT 782637

Dear Joy

I would be very grateful if you could accept my letter of resignation. My last day of employment will be June 23, 2018

I have received an offer to become an accountant of a great company, and after critical thinking, I realize that this offer is too good for me to decline.

I have had three incredible years with you and your team. One of the highlights of my life was with your team, and I loved doing up your accounting infrastructure. Your company is destined to grow and prosper, and I wish you all the best for further deals.

I would like to with transitioning my duties so the system can run properly and nothing is affected. I am available to recruit and train anyone or employee that you deem fit to take my place.

The joy I honestly can't thank you for all you have done for me. You can email me whenever, and I will be there to respond.

Lots of regards.
Mary Contrary


Besides that, it is always appreciable and advisable if you, as a resigning employee, include thanksgiving note into the resignation letter, and reciprocate your thanks for the time the company has given you for the improvement of your skills and experience.

There is always a possibility of the scenario that your resignation will be filed into the company's employee file, and it will be easy for the company to give you further references, which will always be going to enhance your career in the near future.

So, even if you are resigning from the job, always keep in mind not to include any negative words or terms about the company or against any other co-employees.

One thing that an employee can understand that there is no need to mention anything else or include any unnecessary information in your resignation letter, which has not got any meaning to the company. Your present employer only needs to know your resignation and your resignation date.

Below is the example which you can use while framing or drafting your simple resignation letter, you can follow the below sample for a simple resignation letter.


The Example of Print Sample of Simple Resignation Letter

Mention Your Name
Mention Your Address
Mention Your City, State, Zip Code
Mention Your Phone Number

Include E-Mail

Date of Writing the Letter

City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Please accept this letter to inform you of my resignation from ABC Company on the 7th of September.

I appreciate the time the company has given me to improve my skills and experience. If I can assist the company even after my resignation, please do inform me I will always there to provide the needful help.

Yours Sincerely

Your Signature

Your Name


Lets below see the example of the simple resignation of email format:

Subject: Mention your name - Resignation

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name

This email is being sent to you to inform my resignation from the ABC company effective from September 5th, 20XX.

The opportunities which the company has provided me during my working tenure are appreciable, and I will always be thankful for the support and experience which I have got during my tenure with the company.

Best Regards,

Mention Your Name

Residential Address

Phone Number

Mention your Email Address



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