Learn How to Write a Two Weeks Resignation Letter from your Temporary Job

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write a Two Weeks Resignation Letter from your Temporary Job.
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Many times in the corporate world, it may have happened that you are working temporarily in any company or organization to improve your skills.

Many other reasons are also there that may have fit your situation to work temporarily in any group or business as it gives you a chance to upgrade yourself to a particular field of your interest.

It also enables you to add your skills to your resume, whatever may be the reason, but when you leave the temporary job, then also you should submit your resume to your immediate boss or employer.

Working temporary benefits you as an employee as well as to your employer or businessman, as it helps them for cost-cutting, and it helps you to pursue your interest in the job and enhance your experience in a particular field.

The one more advantage that your employer or people in business are having that they can fill up your position quickly if they observe any loss or inefficiency in your work. The other side of this is if they like your work efficiency, they may employ you for the permanent position shortly.

But in between you need to quit your temporary job, you should always inform your immediate boss or employer, as it will help them to have sufficient time to arrange your replacement, doing the temporary job does not give you the liberty that you quit the job without any formal notice. 


Tips for Quitting the Temporary Job

Before you are going to give your resignation letter to your employer, you must be having about your brief tenure in the company or organization, as you may have signed the contract or agreement before joining.

Some temporary job positions have fixed start and end date, but if still, you have to make up your mind to quit the job before the end date, you should inform your employer formally.

The main reason for leaving the temporary in between maybe that you like to have a permanent position somewhere else or perhaps in the same organization or company where you are already working.

If you have already signed the contract for any permanent position, then you should always give them proper notice of your joining date. Make it clear to your future employer about your exact joining date, as it won't be easy for you to be at the two boats at the same time.


What to do in such a situation and how long to be on the job

Always be clear mentally and as the name suggests that, you work as a temporary employee, even though you have signed the contract, but if you are getting better and permanent opportunity somewhere else you should resign from the temporary work position gracefully and inform your immediate boss or employer with written resignation notice.

You should follow all the guidelines written in the contract, and for the better opportunity, you can move forward.

If you are working as a contractual worker somewhere, then your responsibility comes first to inform your resignation formally to your immediate boss or employer. 

If you are working temporarily in any agency, then most of them have flexible and easy guidelines on how to leave your work or job position so that you can use those instructions in your favor.

Whatever may be the situation, but you should always maintain your professionalism and leave the job respectfully, and when you are working temporarily somewhere, it will be easy for you to move forward and to refer to the temporary position in your resignation letter.

Well, when it comes to a temporary job, then every scenario is unique on its own. Many different factors play in every individual case as to why you get hired as a temporary employee and what your employer is looking at you when they have decided to hire temporary employees.

Whatever may be the case, but you should always behave and conduct professionally. And, providing your resignation letter to your immediate boss and employer is one such thing to be professional, always treat your temporary job as a permanent job when it comes to giving resignation from the job.

Present formal resignation letter to your employer and mention your last date of employment in the office or workplace. You can also mention the reason for your resignation letter, that why you don't, you can continue with your temporary job.

But that is not very hard and fast rule; if you don't want your immediate boss or employer to share the reason for your resignation, then you are not bound to provide the reason.

It may also be possible that you are leaving the job because of some negative reasons, but still, you have to be professional and no need to mention any negative things or words in your resignation letter, be professional, and respectful.


Temporary Job Resignation Letter Sample

You can use this resignation letter sample to inform your immediate boss or employer about your resignation and where you want to join and will not be able to complete the given assignment.

You can also send your resignation via a resignation email message if you are working remotely or from home or another office. If you want to have the guidelines for a proper resignation email message, you can review our previous email resignation articles to get the complete details.

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

I have enjoyed working in "Name of the company or organization," however, I regret that I won't be able to complete the given temporary assignment.

I have got a full-time work job position in XYZ Company, and my last date of work with the "Name of the company or organization" will be on the 17th of September.

I appreciate and thank full for the opportunities which I got during my working period; it helped me to enhance my skills during my time in the "Name of the company or organization."

Yours Sincerely,
Your Signature (If it is printed or hard copy resignation letter)
Your Typed Name

For sending an email resignation message, please go through our email resignation type samples and examples.



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