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Know how long your job hunt will be on?
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The time it will take to find a new job is a big question, which comes to the mind of probably most of the job seekers. The time duration to land into a job position depends upon many factors like - how is the job market.

How many vacancies are there, do your qualifications match the current jobs, what are your skills and expertise, how much experienced you are and many other such factors. 

Whether you are an experienced job searcher or fresher it's hard to evaluate the exact time duration it will take to get you into the job position.

But still, the question remains in the mind of the job searchers, can they able to evaluate the time duration it will take to land them in a job position. 

The answer to this question also depends upon each job applicant, but job searchers would always love to know if they can able to find how long it will take them to find a job so that they can resolve any uncertain things about their future employment.

There are many individuals, who land in the job position very quickly, just within a few days after they start their job search. Most of them got an interview call through LinkedIn and then offered the job in the next few days. 

But for many other job seekers out there who are not so fortunate and it will apparently take a long time before they get any job.

Below you will find the information about how long it will take to get a job and what are the other things which you can do to speed up your job search process:


The Average Probable Time Taken To Find A Job   

According to most of the experts and as per their evaluation, they have suggested that generally, it will take about thirty days or nearly a month to get a job of $10,000 of the paycheck you would like to earn. 

This makes out to calculate further that; if you are looking out for a job; of about $70,000 per year then it will take about seven months to find a job.

But the above information is just based on the observations made by the experts, and there is not much detailed research to support this assertion. 

There are many more factors and variables responsible for the job searcher to find a job and moreover, such estimates will not have any worth if applied to every individual.


Critical Factors Which Decides The Length Of The Job Search

There are many factors that are affecting your job search, some of them can speed up, and some of them can slow down your job search. Some of these factors are listed below:

  • The geographic flexibility of the job searcher.
  • The number of jobs available in the individual's field of interest, as it will always be challenging to find a job in the media industry.
  • The qualification of the job seekers and the level of skills and expertise demands of the market.
  • The Economic state of the market and the type of job market.
  • Economic conditions of the region where the job seeker is searching for the job.
  • The number of jobs available in the individual's preferred location, as sometimes it is adamant to find a job in some of the areas.
  • The efficiency of the job search materials which includes the resume and cover letter.
  • The method of the job search strategy and how good one is at networking and using his/her connections.
  • The more time you have spent being unemployed, the more time it will take to find a suitable job.
  • The amount of time and energy one is devoting to find the job.

Some of the factors listed above like the economic situation and some others like these are out of control; nobody can do anything about it. But some other factors which are having an impact on the individual's choices. Those factors you can control to boost up your job search.


How To Speed Up Your Job Search Process

#Keep Regular Job Search

The way and the regularity of your job search also affect the time when you get the job. It will be good if you find a job on a daily and regular basis and make a proper schedule for it.

#Improve Your Key Skills

You can improve your chances to find the job quickly if you upgrade the skill set required in your industry. You can always attend coursework, training, and internships, etc.

#Be Flexible To Different Locations:

In case you are residing in the location where there are not many jobs to offer in your field of interest or the area in which the economic condition is not very excellent, then it will always take a time for you to find a job. 

But if you are flexible and want to explore the other locations where your industry is booming, then you will have more chances to get a job quickly.

#Be Flexible For The Job Options

In the same way, if you are just looking for a particular kind of job, it will inevitably take more time. You can always opt for a job which is similar to the job which you prefer.

#Grow Your Network:

Many people able to land a job position because of their network, so if you learn to utilize and develop your network, it will not take you much longer to find the job.

#Get Help & Advice

You can always take professional help or can visit career counseling offices to improve your marketability. It will surely help you to boost your job search.

#Always Be Patient

If you follow all the tips given above, there can be chances that it is taking time to find a job. You should always keep your calm and remain patient, with accurate and useful efforts you will land a job position sooner or longer.

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