Ways To Turn Down A Job Offer Which You Already Accepted

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Later or sooner you realized that you don't want to continue the job or would like to turn down the job offer. So, how to turn down a job offer once you have already accepted? After going through lots of stress and struggle you finally land into a job position or get a job offer.

What will be your initial feeling, you will feel great about yourself and so much excited that you got an offer. You were so excited that you don't even get yourself the time to think over the job offer, and you accepted the offer.

Turning down a job offer after you have officially acknowledged can be an awkward affair. In case if you have not signed the contract documents or employment contract, you are lawfully permitted to alter your opinion. What's an ideal approach to tell an employer that you don't need the occupation after considering the things?


The Effective Method To Turn Down A Job Offer You Accepted

If you conclude that you don't need the job, there are approaches to turn down the offer ideally still keep up an active association with the employer.

Below you will get to see few recommendations for how to make the discussion as smooth as could be allowed. Likewise, review a sample letter or email message you can use to say you have had misgivings about the occupation respectfully. (given below of the article)


Be Honest Yet Prudent:

Let the employer know why you altered your opinion, yet do as such without offending him or her, or the organization. In case you feel that you will be not comfortable with the co-workers and other colleagues, just convey this to your employer that you will not fit into the work culture of the organization or company.

And in case you have another job offer which is more close to your heart and the perfect match as per your skills and expertise, explain this to the employer in an honest way. Try not to say anything negative in regards to the employer or the organization. It is always good to deny the job offer on the positive note as who knows soon you will need to apply for another position in the company.


Try Not To Wait:

Let the employer know when you understand you never again need to acknowledge the employment. The sooner you let him, or she knows, the sooner the employer can begin searching for your substitution.


Know Your Main Concern:

Most of the times the employer will start negotiating the things with you like, employee perks and other similar things so that to make you stay with them.

Before talking with the employer, choose what your primary concern is. Would you remain for more pay? Unique perks & benefits? In case you never want to negotiate the things with the employer, convey your thought to them clearly and in a professional manner.


Convey Regards & Thanks:

Always convey your regards and thanks to the employer, for giving you the opportunity to meet him or her, and let you know more about the company.

If you like anything particularly about the company or employer, always tell them about those things. Clarify that turning down the employment was a hard choice, which you have made. You would prefer not to cut off ties with the employer; you never know whether you might need to work with them later on.


Ways To Contact:

It is always a good thing to communicate with the employer directly and explain the stuff, you can talk with them over the phone or can have an in-person discussion. If you speak directly with the employer and speak your concerns, you can effectively able to make him understand your primary goals and this way you can always maintain a positive relationship with the employer. After you discuss with the employer, it is always advisable to follow up with the letter or email message, about what you discussed with the employer.

In case that you are apprehensive and feeling nervous about talking with the employer directly, or in case you think that you won't be able to express and explain your concerns over the phone, then you can write a formal letter to the employer to convey your concerns. Below you will find the sample letter which you can send to the employer to turn down the job offer after you have accepted it.


Sample Letter For Turning Down A Job Offer After Accepting

First name Last name

Address Line 1

Address Line 2

State, Postal Code



Name Of The Employer

Post Of The Employer In the company

Name Of The Company

Address Line 1

Address Line 2

Dear 'Name of the employer',

Much obliged to you such a high amount for offering me the position of 'Name of the post' at the 'Name of the company.' It was my pleasure talking with you and adapting more about your organization.

Unfortunately, in the wake of giving a lot of thought to this profession opportunity, I have concluded that it is to my greatest advantage, and also the company's, to turn down your generous employment offer.

I have to make up my mind to choose another job offer which I have got recently, and which is more close to my heart and matches my skill sets perfectly.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you because of my late decision. I keep on being inspired with 'Name of the company' part in the worldwide commercial center, and especially with the immense work you have done as administrator of the organization's 'name of the branch' office.

I would like to wish you all the best for future projects and have a happy life. I plan to see you at the forthcoming Educational Management Conference in September.


First name Last name (signature)

First name Last name (typed)

The above sample letter is just for your references; you can always edit it as per your situations and concerns.

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