Learn How to Write Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Example

Resignation letter Samples: Learn How to Write Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Example. Checkout below some samples of letter of resignation for two weeks resignation
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So, finally you have decided to resign from your job, and it is mandatory and also in customs to inform the employer of two week's notice of the resignation.

Two-weeks resignation notice is essential because you can resign with the job for any reason, but your employer needs to fill up the position which will be vacant after your resigning, so two-week provides enough time to the employer to accommodate your vacancy.

These two weeks also provide time to the employer to select the right candidate after your absence as the employer can discuss the tasks and duties which you were proving to the employer.

We also know that every company has their policies, maybe some companies will not wait for the two weeks and approve the resignation immediately as soon as they receive the resignation letter from you.

But most companies will appreciate your two week's notice of resignation as it will help them to select the right candidate for the position you are leaving and at the same time allowing you to resign with proper ethics, with favorable impressions and professionally.

The two-week resignation letter, as provided below, and its format will always you as the employee to get a further recommendation from your present employer.

You are still free to inform your resignation via email, or through hard copy, the only two main things you have to include in your resignation letter is the reason for your departure and what will be the last day of your serving to the organization or company.   

It's always a better habit to give thanksgiving lines to the present employer and appreciation for them to provide you an opportunity to work with them as it helps to improve your experience and knowledge in a particular sector.

An employee while giving notice of his resignation should keep in mind that he should resign with a positive vibe and to include any negative remarks about the company or any co-worker is not advisable. 

While being in the corporate world, you should always keep in mind that you should have positive vines with everyone while resigning as it will help to improve your impression as well. It will benefit you in the future, too, as no one knows with whom you come across in the future. So, your previous employer and co-workers should always have a positive remembrance of you.


Two Weeks Notice for the Letter of Resignation Example

Provide Your Full Name
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City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name

Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to announce my resignation from Company Name, which will effective from two weeks from this date.

This is not a very easy decision for me to make, as the past few years was very appreciable and rewarding for me. I have enjoyed working with your organization and appreciate to work with the dedicated team who always believes in delivering quality products and services on time.

I appreciate the opportunity the company has provided to me to grow myself and to improve my skills in a particular sector.

My best wishes are always with the company and will ever hope future developments. If the firm needs any help or services which I can provide, please don't hesitate to be at your service.

Yours Sincerely

Your Signature(hard copy letter)

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Let's see below now the more detailed one more sample of the Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Example:

Subject: Resignation (Provide your first name and last name)

Dear Mr./Ms. (Last Name)

Please duly accept my formal notice of resignation from ABC Company. My last day to serve your company will be September 17th, 2017, which will be exactly two weeks from today.

I enjoyed my last five years' tenure in your company and helped me to gain considerable knowledge and experience during this beautiful tenure. It was my pleasure to work with such a confident team and organization.

Please let me know if any help I can offer during this transition, my best wishes are always with the company and hope for its growth.

Best Regards

First Name, Last Name


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