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With the rise of industries and the corporate world, many times, we encounter with the phase where we need to give resignation to the current firm or organization. The reasons for resignation depend upon various factors, and it may vary from individual to individual.

But well-drafted resignation emails or letters are the need of the corporate employees, as it will help them to express their resignation in a polite and appropriate manner.

Are you looking to write a resignation email or letter but don't quite know the tone? The format? We can quite understand the stress of having to write a resignation. Whether it's to quit your job because of low compensation or the fact that your job environment may not be what you want, we've got you covered.

In this article, you're going to find all the different types of resignation templates, with links and examples. Get ideas about what information you should use in your letter - and the stuff that you're supposed to leave out.

As there can be many reasons for resignation, the type of resignation letters can also vary like basic and formal letters, two-week notice resignations, no notice, short notice, personal reasons, new job, and retirement, etc. We will discuss each various types of resignation letters in detail and will see the sample of each one.


Best Examples and Types of Resignation Letters

Basic Resignation Letters Templates:

This is the basic type of resignation email or letter which the employee can use to convey to his employer that he is leaving. A letter that is brief and to the point. The best way to inform and notify your superior that you are leaving.

Simple Resignation Letters Examples 

This type of resignation can be used when the employee wants to inform formally to his employer; this letter can be simple, brief, and to the point.

Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Templates

This type of letter or email can be used when an employee wants to make the employer the two-week notice of his/her resignation.

New Employment Resignation Letter Templates:

These are to notify your employer that you will no longer be working with them because you have found a new job. You can add your reasons to accept the new job in this. Perhaps it is better paying or gives you a promotion of some sort.

Personal Reasons Resignation Letter Samples:

Sometimes one needs to quit because of personal matters. Be this the feud with a colleague or a family reason; this is the best type to use if your reason for taking such a huge step is personal.

Email Resignation Letter Examples:

Now, this isn't the preferred way to go when giving a resignation, but it can still be used to inform colleagues and clients that you are no longer willing to work.

Formal Resignation Letter Templates:

A format to formally inform your employer that you will no longer be working. It is professional, with a good tone that will formally convey your message.

Heartfelt Resignation Letter Templates:

This type of letter usually suffices as a thank you for all the opportunities served by the employer. It appreciates the time spent working with them and as such.

Independent Contractor Resignation Letters:

This is a letter that can be sent via mail or attached to the email and to the point to get your message through.

Resignation Letter Due to Relocation Examples:

This letter is to the point, short, and mentions the relocation of the employee. This type of resignation template used by the employees to bring into the notice of the employer that you are resigning, the main reason for the resignation, in this case, would be the relocation of the employee.

Career Change Letter of Resignation Letter Example:

This letter is a way to notify the superior that the employee will no longer be working as they wish to change their career path. This type of resignation can be used when an employee wants to resign from the present organization because of the career change.

Resignation Letter Because of Company Changes:

This letter notifies the employer that your reason to leave is that certain changes at the company that does not suit you.

Short Notice Resignation Letter Templates:

This letter works best when you have to leave on short notice and when you don't have much time to explain all the reasons. Although it is considered unprofessional to disregard the two weeks' notice completely, it can work.

Going Back to School Resignation Letter:

This letter conveys the message to the superior that you are only leaving this job to return to complete your education.

Nurse Resignation Letter Example:

This letter format is specifically for Nurses who want to quit their job.

Teacher Resignation Letter Examples:

This format is specifically for teachers who want to quit their job.

Temporary job Resignation Letter Example:

This can be used to convey that you will not be completing a certain task or assignment or that you want to quit a temporary job, perhaps like an internship.

Board Resignation letter Templates:

This letter is specifically designed to resign from the board.

Maternity Leave Resignation Letter:

This is a type of resignation that can be used by female employees to give temporary or permanent resignation because of maternity.

Professional Resignation letters Templates:

This type of resignation can be used when an employee wishes to provide his resignation notice formally.


Resignation Letters for some Reasons:

This type of resignation can be used when an employee wants to resign from the organization due to some reasons, as well as wish to thanks the organization.

Retirement Resignation Letter Example:

This type of resignation can be used when you want to announce your retirement from the organization.

Effective Immediately Resignation Letters Samples:

This type of resignation can be used when an employee wants to resign immediately.

No-Notice Resignation Letters Example:

This type of resignation can be used when an employee doesn't want to give a two-week notice to the employer.

Resignation Letters with Regretful Departure:

This type of resignation can be used when you want to express your regret, too, while resigning.

Volunteer Resignation Letters:

This type of resignation can be used for the volunteer position.

Funny Resignation Letters:

This is the funny type of resignation letter which can be used by the employee when he wishes to take resignation and want to inform his resignation to the employer in a funny way.

Rude Resignation Letters:

This is the rude type of resignation which no one wishes to send to his/her employer, but we will discuss this type of resignation format too.

Farewell Letter Goodbye:

This type of resignation if to tell everyone that you are giving a farewell party because you are resigning.



Above we have seen various types of resignation letters, and now we will discuss each kind of resignation and will see its format and examples.

Other Similar Letters

Farewell Resignation Letter Examples:

These letters you can send to your co-workers or retiring colleagues.


Resignation Letter Formats and Templates

Resignation Letter Format:

This format will give you the final outlook of what your resignation should look like.


Retirement Letter Template:

This will give you an idea of what your retirement letter should include.

Farewell Letter template:

This will give you an idea of what a Farewell Letter to a retiring colleague or co-worker should include.


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